!! OMG, he’s a dad: 13-Year-Old !!

4-foot-tall 13-year-old father Alfie Patten doesn’t know how much diapers cost for his newborn baby. He did, however, know how to put his penis into his 15-year-old girlfriend until the juicies came out. At 13 I thought sex was wrapping toilet paper around your neck. I was a bit behind. Then again, by 15 I had a dick in my mouth, so things can move pretty quick I guess.
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Thanks to Indie Genius for the tip. Via CURRENT.

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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s a dad: 13-Year-Old"

  1. Things can go very wrong very fast when you’re young.I was being penetrated by my older uncles when I was 12 and I enjoyed it at the time.

  2. HaHa!! It gets better.
    Now three other boys say ‘I’m the daddy.’
    Paternity testing will be done:

  3. hahah graydon you’re hilarious

  4. Very pathetic and sad that these children are parents at such a young age, but at least their own PARENTS are their to help them out.

  5. She lured him into having sex with her and the clueless boy was trapped by his hormones.

  6. I hit puberty when I was 10, but I looked about 15. No way I was looking for a girl, though. Lol

  7. Except for the looking 10 part (gross), I don’t see why this made news. 13 yr-olds have sex all-too-often.
    P.S. On his YouTube video, he does not know the meaning of the word “financially” (when asked how he’d care for the baby financially).

  8. That is one ugly bitch.

  9. LMAO… it was 15 for me too!

  10. I think I looked older than this kid when I was five.

  11. Oh, god, eew!!! He looks 10.
    This shit is scary.
    *looked again* UGHHHH I can’t stand it.
    Whoever let this happen needs their ass whooped. I thought 15+ was bad enough.
    SO, is that the mother? Why does she look so much older?

  12. Not really news.. This kind of stuff happens a lot. 13 year olds aren’t as clueless as you think. :p

  13. (insert jaw drop here) speechless. srsly

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