!! Beyonce’s unhappy B’day !!

British singer Des’ree is trying to sue Beyonce for covering her 1998 ballad “I’m Kissing You” (you might remember it from the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack) on the deluxe reissue of B’s album B’day (or Bidet as I fondly call it). Apparently Beyonce’s people tried to work out a deal with Des’ree’s people to cover the song, but Beyonce was not pleased with the terms of the contract, which stipulated the song could not be changed and a video could not be cut. (via Stereohyped)
Watch the video of the completely changed song above! Beyonce is so bad-ass, and her version is better. If you want to compare and contrast, listen to the original after the jump.

From Romeo & Juliet:

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15 Comments on "Beyonce’s unhappy B’day"

  1. what a bad karaokrappy version. silly how such a megastar has to resort to sillying up perfectly good lyrics and replacing a proper piano and strings with crappy synths.if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  2. No way, Des’ree’s version is so much better than Beyonce’s. Beyonce’s version is just more modern. An original version is always the best and there is more feeling and emotion in Des’ree’s version.

  3. bring back des’ree…get her to do a tour, Beyonce might just be good enough to be the support act 🙂

  4. I think Des’ree will always be a one-hit wonder (“You Gotta Be”) in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean she isn’t better than most of the multiplatinum “artists” out today (not that Beyoncé is bad.)
    After all, k.d. lang and the phenomenally-voiced Oleta Adams are technically one-hit wonders as well.
    This ballad is a little too treacly for my taste anyway, in either version. She does much better with uptempo songs.

  5. Des’ree should feel lucky anyone even remembered her let alone wanted to pay to use her song.

  6. I think Beyonce is amazing but this is an APPALLING version!!! The Des’ree song is incredible and should definately not have been played around with! If you can’t improve it, love, leave it alone!!!

  7. Yeah, this version is very bland compared to the original (doesn’t sound romantic at all) and Des’ree has every right to sue Beyonce. Surely they could have found another song to cover, right? Why this one?

  8. I agree! The original is sooo mutch better:) Beyonces voice is not fit for singing sutch a soar song.

  9. Vincent Dow | May 2, 2007 at 1:37 am | Reply

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  10. i dont think she did a bad job. The first one is definitely better. She should have left it alone.

  11. I wish she wouldnt have redone it. it didnt need to be redone. Its a great song why ruin it.

  12. Beyonce ruined this classic song with her bs. She doesn’t have the range,depth, soul or pathos that the orig did. I’m getting to hate Bouncie.

  13. Bob Loblaw | May 1, 2007 at 6:53 pm | Reply

    I think whoever writes this page is completley on their own. Beyonce has ruined a beautiful song. Her screaching is not suited to a good song like this.

  14. I agree with Julian. Beyatch f*d it up!

  15. I LOVE Beyonce but her version is definitely NOT better. I have loved this song and was so disappointed when i heard Beyonce’s version. She should have just left it alone!

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