!! OMG, He’s Persian: Jake Gyllenhaal !!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in HD

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So are you super-excited for the Prince of Persia Movie? I’m sure it will be great– after all, movies based on video games always turn out awesome, right?

My favorite thing about this one is that the Prince of Persia himself is going to be played by total whitey Jake Gyllenhaal. I know he has brown hair guys, but that’s not the same as being Persian! No wonder everyone hates America so much! Next thing you know, they’ll make a movie called The African Queen starring some old white lady from Connecticut. (Oh. Wait.)

Also notice that all the Persians in this movie speak English with a British accent. Because British Accent is the international language of foreign people!

Of course I will see Prince of Persia basically no matter what cause 1) I cannot resist Jake’s big puppy eyes and 2) I am a big geek. But you must admit that it looks very stupid! Okay, but maybe kind of cool too.
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7 Comments on "OMG, He’s Persian: Jake Gyllenhaal"

  1. The use of a British accent seems odd sometimes but what should they use, an ancient Persian accent? (Whatever that would sound like.) One shouldn’t assume that the people of a particular region have always looked like they do today. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Persians probably looked a lot different than they do now. A thousand years ago the people of North America weren’t African, Hispanic, or European.

  2. Do you always just write what you think without doing some research?
    Go away Bmad.

  3. eko, i know that. i was joking.

  4. The African Queen was the name of the river boat in that movie, it had nothing to do with any character. Therefor, it doesn’t seem to an accurate example in the way that you were using it.

  5. Actually, Persians are an ethnologically diverse group and are generally lighter skinned than Arabs so Mr. Gyllenhaal isn’t as bad a fit as he could be. Though honestly I’m sure they could have found someone with a background more suited to the role.
    As far the Brit accent thing goes most people in the region that study abroad do prefer Britain to America (gee I wonder why) so they would generally lean toward that accent, though of course if they speak Farsi that accent would more than likely outweigh the British. Plus I’ve found that most Americans enjoy the accent from over the pond. 🙂
    Let’s hope that they actually break the mold and make a decent movie adaptation of a video game for once.

  6. What’s the problem? As Persians/Iranians are of the same stock as most Europeans, a brown haired ‘whitey’ in the role doesn’t seem so horrible. Or are you incorrectly assuming all Middle Eastern people are Semitic? Well, presumably through his Jewish father Gyllenhaal has at least a bit of that going on, too. Off the top of my head I can think of some way worse matches between an actor’s ethnicity and their character’s: Ingrid Bergman as Golda Meir or John Wayne as Genghis Khan. Wayne probably was a good 2 feet taller than his character and probably would have broken his pony’s back!

  7. i love Jake as much as the next gay (thinking about some particular scenes from Jarhead and Brokeback) but I mean, common! how many times is this movie going to be made?? but i guess everyone has to do these big blockbuster movies to pay the rent, right?
    ps. totally agree about the British accents. Remember the HBO show, ROME? I’m sure ancient Romans all talked like that.

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