!! OMG, He’s a Porn Star: Chef Academy’s Emmanuel DelCour !!

Have you been watching this show Chef Academy? Me neither! Those cooking shows just make me hungry, and I never have any food in the fridge. But I may have to start watching now, because it turns out that one of the contestants– one Mr. Emmanuel DelCour– is actually a former (straight) porn star known as “Jean Val Jean.” Well well well! How many porn stars do you know who are named after characters in classic 19th-century novels?!
Oh, who cares about dumb old Victor Hugo! If you’re curious about what Mr. Del Cour has cooking “down there,” head over to DudeTube. It is definitely, definitely not safe for work. And by the way… if you’re going to be all complainy about the indignity of having to look at a lady’s private parts in order to see Mr. Val Jean’s penis, then don’t click. I couldn’t find any solo shots!

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6 Comments on "OMG, He’s a Porn Star: Chef Academy’s Emmanuel DelCour"

  1. That is one beautiful man. He is absolutely adorable and his voice and smile make me melt.

  2. He came into my work once and he was tall and super sexy. YUM

  3. mmm he’s fine.
    definitely a porn star cock.
    too bad he’s straight!!

  4. Here’s a video preview of one of his video’s called F.A.B.’s 2
    (Fine Ass Babes)

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