!! OMG, he’s a she: Mariah in Drag !!

The thing I love best about Mariah, and there are lots of things I love about Mariah, is that when she’s not slinking around in beyond-tight outfits she likes to make her public laugh. Her latest shtick is drag-kinging it for the Obsessed video. She’s dressed very Eminem-y and I hope she sticks it to him good in her video.
As PRODUZENTIN says, Mariah is truly OOC.
UPDATE: Watch the official video for “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey after the jump!

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6 Comments on "OMG, he’s a she: Mariah in Drag"

  1. Hey Corban, i agree too, Mariah is the best, ive been a fan since iwas 10 babck in 1990 and still love her. I apreciate the great comments this blog has 4 Mariah unlike others. Bye

  2. Graydon, although we have not met I am totally in love with you and your comments about Mariah. I totally appreciate your love of all things Mariah. I have been an unwavering fan of hers since 1990. I’ve read many blogs concerning MC and these pics & it’s like no one gets the joke. People are vicious towards her for absolutely no reason. Whenever I see an article about Mariah posted on any blog my immediate response is “Bring on the haters!!!” Graydon, it’s so refreshing that you wrote “she likes to make her public laugh.” OMG, cannot wait for the video and the new album.

  3. Me likey.

  4. doesn’t look much different to me… lol

  5. I love Mariah! She’s hilarious. Cannot wait to see the video. It’s going to be a smash hit!

  6. luv it! Thanks guys…

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