!! OMG, he’s naked: Ralph Fiennes !!

Ralph Fiennes got naked and bloody in 1993’s The Baby of Macon and was naked and tattooed in 2002’s Red Dragon. See the NSFW full frontal pics after the jump!

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6 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ralph Fiennes"

  1. Dang, Voldemort…

  2. Yes, I heard those rumors, too. The problem with those rumors (such as the one about Kevin Costner being so huge onscreen that audiences gasped, or Brandon Routh needing a special jockstrap to conceal his “enormous” manhood in Superman) is that they are typically spread by the actors themselves, via publicists. They tend to be bulls***. Believe me, I work with these people- they’ll do anything to creat buzz about themselves. And they tend to be proven wrong later when some enterprising soul releases screencaps like these.

  3. He is much more naked in Sunshine (1999). Well lit and standing still.

  4. He is so yummy.

  5. The weeks before “Red Dragon” opened, the word was that the studio required Fiennes to be digitally castrated in the scene where he runs naked from a bed and up the stairs because test audiences GASPED when they saw all that flopping uncut meat. These were American test audiences, mind you. Comfort with exposed penises is not something we’re known for, much less uncircumcised ones. The director told the trades that he had to digitally remove an inch or two and darken the crotch.

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