!! OMG he’s a stripper: American Idol contestant !!

It has recently been revealed that 24-year-old American Idol contestant David Hernandez used to strip for cash. He worked at a club called “Dick’s Cabaret” in Phoenix where he performed and gave lap dances to the “mostly male” patrons.
Though contestants have been dismissed from previous competitions because of pornographic pasts, Hernandez won’t be kicked off.
Doesn’t matter…he’ll be voted off soon enough. I hope.
Read more HERE and HERE
Thanks to Scott for the tip!
PS – Sorry for the psych-out! I’m still here..blogging for the rest of the week.

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4 Comments on "OMG he’s a stripper: American Idol contestant"

  1. He is not one of my favorites…perhaps if he took his shirt off it would help.

  2. Yeah, the networks seem to be over kicking people off due to some skin in their past. James wasn’t immediately evicted from BB due to his gay porn past, Disney stars have nude photos on the net, and now this. Really with sites like xtube, vengeful exes, and the delightfully dangerous mix of better camera phones and alcohol, it is going to get increasingly difficult to find young pretty people who don’t have nude photos/videos or a sexy past online. I say good, the USA has been stuck living in its puritan past for way too long.

  3. A boy has got to make a living and it wasn’t illegal, so who cares. I think AI wants to create scandals to get more viewers.
    PS – I’d totally hit that, over and over..!

  4. I think American Idol should most certainly have a striptease-music theme week (at least for the boys).
    Yay for more Graydon!!!! 😀

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