!! OMG, he’s admitted it: Clay Aiken !!

Attention all Claymates: We were right all along. Clay Aiken is a big homo. People magazine says so… Tomorrow morning. (via Dlisted and HuffPo)

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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s admitted it: Clay Aiken"

  1. I think time for toaster over distribution has passed. Maybe a lighter?

  2. Big fucking surprise! I’d say OK, but he’s been a dick about it so far and his career is now about equal to Brittany’s sister. Does he really think he’s now going to be the new idol to the gay community?

  3. after seeing and reading how he behaved on manhunt, i just think he’s a little red troll. it’s one thing not to come out until you’re ready, but quite another to claim that you are ‘sexless’ and that sex is the ‘last thing you think about’, all the while doing a 180 on the internet and being a total pig in actuality. i feel sorry for all the old ladies who probably feel like they’ve been had. this guy is a douche supreme.

  4. Why would he do this, at this point? He must be having poor record sales, and he needed to get some free publicity. I suspect he will begin pandering to the gay community, and wanting to be some sort of role model. Ick.

  5. ok, I’m gonna be really shallow about this and say: I don’t care, he’s not hot!

  6. SOOO GROSSSS!!!!!

  7. The biggest shocker since Lance Bass came out of the closet.

  8. I’m rather upset by this, actually. I am surprised no one else is. All this time, since AI, he has been outright lying to people about it. Not just avoiding the issue, but actually saying he’s not, and where do ppl get that idea, etc. The only reason I supported him as an Idol contestant was that I thought he would represent. And what does he do, burrow deeper into the closet. And considering where his career has gone (singing to old ladies in Vegas with a purse dog on stage…), I don’t know how things would have been different. I could see Neil Patrick Harris not coming out, since it wasn’t an open secret with him, and he had been playing straight roles. But this is different. When he was caught on Manhunt or whatever, hooking up, that was pretty much all the proof I needed, yet he still denied everything. I’m not saying every gay celeb has to come out, but if it’s no surprise, then what can it hurt. On the other hand, people can feel deceived if you don’t, and then do so later, as with Rosie. Also, he could have been more of a role model and door-opener for openly gay musicians to follow, but up to now, he has not fulfilled that potential. Over time, I just got tired of him. Lance I merely suspected, but Clay was SO obvious….. I would have congratulated him if he had done it sooner, or before it was so obvious that it was pointless to keep lying. But I can’t be happy for him, as it is now.

  9. all i can say is that it is about time and that he should recieve his membership card in about 6-8 weeks. lol

  10. good for him!

  11. this is the biggest “no shit!!” moment in history. kathy griffin is squealing with delight right now.

  12. kudos for finally admitting it and going on with his life.

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