!! OMG, He’s Back: George W. Bush !!

Of all the terrible things George W. Bush has inflicted on the United States (and the world!) I almost want to say that this tie and jacket combo could be the worst! Right? Okay, maybe not. But it’s pretty bad. He’s back!
That’s right: after spending the last year-ish in self-imposed exile, the disgusting pig known as the former president is finally taking his first steps back into the public eye. He’s decided that the most important thing he can do with his time is to mediate peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. Ooops, no. He’s decided it’s his moral imperative to raise awareness about global warming. Oh wait, not that either. He’s decided to use his name to help end the global AIDS crisis? Um, obvs not! In fact, he’s decided to become a shitty motivational speaker, raking in obscene amounts of money for giving stupid little speeches about nothing!
Yesterday was his first outing in this new role, speaking to 15,000 idiots in Texas at an event called GETMOTIVATED! Well, it’s easy to make fun of the stupid name, but if I was organizing a motivational speaking event, you know mine would include an exclamation point in the title too! I love those things!
Anyway, Mr. Bush had these words of wisdom to share with conference goers:

“I don’t see how you can be president without relying on the Almighty. I can tell you that one of the most amazing surprises of the presidency was the fact that people’s prayers affected me. I can’t prove it to you. But I can tell you some days were great, some days not so great. But every day was joyous.”

I’m glad it was joyous for him, because I remember parts of it being complete hell. I’m sure a lot of mothers of dead soldiers would agree! But don’t mind my opinion! I guess it’s just good for George Bush that he’s found gainful employment in these difficult economic times. I hope he keeps raking it in– we wouldn’t want him to turn into some welfare queen sponging off the state.
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9 Comments on "OMG, He’s Back: George W. Bush"

  1. One of these “business” lectures is planned here in San Antonio in the near future. The promoters have bought huge mailing lists and spent mega-bucks on mailers. I’ve received 2 at work and 1 at home.
    The line up of speakers looks like a Whos Who of right wing speakers. It makes my skin crawl.
    It almost seems like a recruiting tool/ fund raiser of some sort.

  2. Bush is the fucking Antichrist.

  3. Ummmm, don’t you mean ‘fascist pig’? Oh, you weren’t talkin about Obama – in 9 months the WORST thing the USA has ever seen. Let’s see…oh yes, you’re queer so you must hate all things- is that right?
    For goodness’ sake suck it up and get over the Bush thing – we had to listen to your sorry asses for 8 years, give it up. You lose.

  4. you will find that we are not obama apologists here at OMG Blog, Jason. I fucking hate everyone!

  5. Lay off Bush already, he’s out of the picture. What has the “god sent” Obama done for us?

  6. Whether or not you like George Bush, I find it difficult to criticize him for taking highly-paid speaking engagements after his terms in office. I mean… what President *hasn’t* done this?
    Clinton? Nope.
    Bush Sr? Nope.
    Reagan? Nope.
    Carter? Nope.
    Ford? Nope.
    Shall I continue?

  7. W would definitely motivate me… to leave the room. Are you sure he wasn’t at a Halloween event yesterday? He’d scare the bejeezus out of me.
    However, I think the jacket/tie combo is fierce. I like it alot. Maybe if it was on Daniel Craig or James Franco it would look better?

  8. Maybe if we all ignore him he’ll go away. Much like a pimple on your ass.

  9. “disgusting pig”: rich, too rich!

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