!! OMG, This is She: The Unabashed Queer !!

You may remember Unabashed Queer Matt Siegel from his controversial interview with Tyra Banks a few weeks ago. Today he debuts his new web series, THIS IS SHE, and I’m already loling cause he answers the phone just like my mom. (“This is she…”)
In episode #1, Mr. Siegel unpacks the gay obsession with Madonna’s OH FATHER in hilarious fashion. Guess what: he’s onto something because it is absolutely in my top 5 Madonna songs. (Although I have no plans to make a YouTube video of myself singing it.)

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4 Comments on "OMG, This is She: The Unabashed Queer"

  1. Too funny

  2. very funny, I feel bad for those guys who made those horrible videos though, that PaulywoodGaGa guy has some DEEP issues with his father as well as the fact that his voice sounds CRAZY munchkin-land. The Unabashed Queer is a new favorite now, the picture of him as Madonna in the pink Material Girl dress is awesome.

  3. wow. you sure know how to pick and post ’em. matt is wonderful.

  4. LMFAO! this was tooo hilarious!!

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