!! OMG, he’s back: Guestblogger Graydon !!

Hi everybody, I’m going to be traveling the world for the next month, and guestblogger Graydon will be filling my shoes during that time (with an all new haircut! Watch the video above).
For those of you wondering about the porn memberships from the Gay Bloggies prize, I still haven’t received them, but when I do I will be popping in to administer the contests from abroad. So don’t worry, you won’t have to wait until I get back to get your porn on.
Be nice to Graydon while I’m gone! xo Frank

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12 Comments on "OMG, he’s back: Guestblogger Graydon"

  1. Hi everyone – thanks for your comments and welcomes! To answer your question, Lars, it’s the Loretta Lynn version.

  2. Hi Graydon,
    welcome to the blog!
    Tell me, who sings the background song “God makes (or: has?) no mistakes”? Is it a Loretta Lynn version or someone else?

  3. OMG, How self absorbed!

  4. Welcome back Graydon. Regular reader of omg and now I think I’ll be a regular on your site as well. Great video… sensual and I found it rather poignant and evoked a number of emotions. Good luck posting. All the best. 🙂

  5. Welcome back G. You made me laugh the last time with your posts and while I shall miss Frank, I’m looking forward to seein’ whatcha got. BTW – cute cut. I loved the vid!

  6. OMG! I want a haircut now! Me next!♥

  7. Graydon is HOT! Graydon, if your blogging is as good as Frank’s, we might just ask Frank to extend his vacation. Provided you give some hot shots of yourself!

  8. Yay Graydon, sexy haircuts, and free porn!

  9. Enjoy your travels, Frank! I’ll miss you!

  10. The new cut is cuter.

  11. no! i loved youre hair!
    id still hit it tho.

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