!! OMG, how boundary-pushing: ‘Skins’ !!

I think “E4” is a channel in the UK, and this is a trailer for its new show Skins… I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Destruction, apocalypse, angels, orgies, gay ballet dancers… Compelling or no? Only time will tell. (via Feyfriends)

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12 Comments on "OMG, how boundary-pushing: ‘Skins’"

  1. I love Skins!
    I can’t wait for the second season.
    I’m trying to find the first season DVD online for US Region DVD Players.
    No luck. 🙁

  2. Skins sucks unless you’re a sexually confused, middle class 13 year old.

  3. skins is awesome!!! its full of wildness and teenage funstuff!!! the dance on this advert is apparently done by a new guy on the scene called hofen shekta from israel. i’ve seen him live and his group were awesome!!!! series one was a real treat. unfortunatley rumours are going around that it will only be on E4 this year and not 4OD shame as people who dont have access to sky will have to wait until it appears on channel 4 later in the year!!!

  4. its actually a really good show. gets a bit weird thruout the episodes as it goes on but its good, episode 9 is the weirdest tho i was like HUH? but that was partly because i wasn’t paying much attention haha.
    and frank keep up the good work haha im soo douchey but yeh i like your site its awesome

  5. It is also on SBS in Australia, supposed to be very good.

  6. Skins is an amazing series! Great plotlines and characters. It’s meant to represent real teen culture, but still remain boundary pushing!
    Can’t wait for the series to begin!

  7. I have watched it online here in the States. I stumbled upon it one day, it’s a great show!

  8. i hate it when “gay” people, events, etc are associated with destruction, apocalypse, etc especially in this day in age…goes to show how ignorance and homophobia is alive and well 🙂

  9. Oh, Skins is sooo good, it’s on E4, a British sister channel of CHannel 4.
    It’s so good, you should be able to watch the first season online somewhere, I recommend it, but it does push the bounderies but it’s still good:)

  10. The first season of Skins started in Australia last Monday on SBS, replacing Shameless. It’s definitely the highlight of my Monday nights now.

  11. Skins is about to start it’s second series here in the U.K. It’s very good, although the boundary pushing, as you describe it, advert above only mildly resembles the actual programme.
    It’s worth noting it’s made by the same people who made the U.K drama Shameless.
    It’s also written by people in their late teens too, with the intention of making it more relevant to their age group.

  12. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. Martina Sorbara needs to cameo on this show.

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