!! OMG, he’s Britney: Francois Sagat !!

Porn star Francois Sagat posted these fabulous editorial shots to his Facebook account for us all to enjoy. See him as “Fallen Britney” after the jump.

(via Zephyr Files via Queerclick)

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8 Comments on "OMG, he’s Britney: Francois Sagat"

  1. Francois you should do some outdoor photos with or without water for something different. You have done ass photos about 8000 times. If you make another movie you should do a scary movie gay pron video like Francois the 13th 2019.

  2. Hi David, it’s a bit of a mystery who took these photos… The Advocate doesn’t seem to know either, so if you do please share with us!
    xo The OMG Team

  3. You could at least credit the photographer bastards !
    Your ”journalistic” work is… a piece of shit.

  4. He’s not that full of himself, you hater. He loves fashion and modeling, and the tattoo says nothing about being a douche. He’s actually a really fun person, like a cute little kid, despite his masculine looks; you can tell by watching his random Youtube videos. I adore him; I think he’s THE hottest guys in gay porn, with a cute as hell Frenchiness.

  5. I love the is great fun and I think it is a special man you are the best grand francois

  6. I can see your manties.

  7. He’s SO full of himself and ridiculous. That head tattoo pretty much solidifies him title as douchebag. He’s not even that good in porn, pretty boring.

  8. Hot! Godney’s a Legend

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