!! OMG, He’s Naked Again: Christopher Atkins !!

Island of the Blue Lagoon’s Christopher Atkins is basically just famous for being naked, so of course seeing his thing again is no big surprise. This time, though, Mr. Atkins has gotten all grown up and artsy! I mean, obviously, right? After the jump, see Chris all grown and sexy in several extremely highbrow black and white nudes. And yes, you totally see his dick. NSFW!
Thanks to concerned reader CB for sending these our way.

Christopher Atkins1.jpg
Christopher Atkins2.jpg
Christopher Atkins3.jpg

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9 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked Again: Christopher Atkins"

  1. I’m glad Atkins didn’t shave his pubes off in these vintage nude pics from approx. thirty years ago. Men today are shaving and waxing much LESS than they formerly did in the past 20 years or so, which makes these retro nude pics of Atkins fit right in with the hotter and hairier studs today!

  2. nice dick from mr. christopher atkins!
    back in 1980, his dick was such a temptation for gay people!
    his dick can drive gay guys crazy especially in that movie…the blue lagoon!

  3. he nudes to lose the pubic hair

  4. These pictures are about 10 years old at least.
    And the correct title of the movie is “The Blue Lagoon”, not “Island Of The Blue Lagoon”.
    Still, it’s always nice to see that cutie’s dick.

  5. luvdafurryazz | January 6, 2010 at 1:30 am | Reply

    He has always been delish. Blue Lagoon was just the begining for me- i looked for him all over wanting to see him wanking or something. He still is very svelte, sexy and nicely packaged-and that butt- ooohh my gawwwd. Woof to you CHristopher keep the package healthy and gleeming. pmf-st.louis Chris- email me if you see this and need a manfriend-lol

  6. Those are not new. They are quite old. They are from Gregg Gorman’s “Nudes” book. It is the one with Josh Duhamel’s nudes too.
    He’s hotter than those photo’s now.

  7. Awesome; let’s hope Talor Lautner can look that good in 30 thirty years

  8. Good thing the shots in the Blue Lagoon were underwater and fast. It would have been strange for someone from that period to be cut. I could not tell when I watched the movie.

  9. I loved The Blue Lagoon, watched that thing over and over when it got released on VHS and I could get my mom to rent it for me from the local rental place, little did she know at the time why I was really watching it lol. He’s still looking really good in these pictures!

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