!! OMG, he’s doing it by the window: Thomas Jane !!

When I was watching True Blood with my friends on Sunday, we noticed Hung was coming on afterward, and I remember complaining how I never watch that show because despite it being about a male hooker, you barely see any skin, and definitely no peen.

However, had I watched on Sunday I would have seen a pretty lengthy seen of Thomas Jane giving it to a blonde woman against a floor-to-ceiling window. Still no frontal, but it’s something! See the caps and video after the jump (NSFW).

Click images to enlarge. Download video clip here.
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BONUS: Just hiding the goods in a previous episode

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7 Comments on "OMG, he’s doing it by the window: Thomas Jane"

  1. I would have thought someone who could afford to buy big man A$$ would have better furniture. You certainly are not going to do what they are doing on an IKEA couch. Thankfully there is that rug.

  2. @jakeoff
    you’re right. he’s not. he said as much in some interview that was linked on this site, actually.
    I’m sure he’s respectably average, and frankly, for that bod, one might put up with quite a bit….
    But yeah, we’ll never get to see it. Alas….

  3. I don’t think we’re going to see any frontal either, which is a shame ’cause I like the rest. He’d have to actually be hung to show it, or use a prosthetic, in which case what’s the point. I’m not slamming him suggesting he’s not hung.
    I just remember him saying this in an interview: “I showed her this thing I’d been doing, The Mist, which is about creatures from another dimension. And then I showed her this script called Hung, about a guy with a giant dick. And she said, ‘Great, more science fiction!'”

  4. That’s quite a bush. Fascinating how quickly furriness is making a comeback.

  5. I watched this last night. Thomas Jane is incredibly hot

  6. Thomas Jane is ALL man. I’ve always felt that, in all his performances he brings a masculine hint, a subtle undertone just enough to make him look macho but still appealing to a broad audience.
    I cant get enough of him.

  7. i can see many IKEA items

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