!! OMG, he’s gay: Dumbledore !!

The photo above is proof: High Wizard Albus Dumbledore has come out of the closet! Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling revealed over the weekend that the character is gay and in love with his rival Gellert Grindelwald. Dirty fan fiction has already surfaced (if you can find some, please send it to me and I’ll link it!).

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  1. david donaldson | October 25, 2007 at 9:46 am | Reply

    She only did that so people go and buy the books and look for hints and clues that suggested that Dumbledore was gay. Although I do not think that J.K. is a money grubber, it was a clever plan to make extra money. From the mind of a gay 13 year old.

  2. It is funny all the people saying it is not important have not read the books. A very successful person used to take execs to lunch to see if they salted their food before eating.. You know why, it would tell him if they had all the facts before making decisions.. Maybe some of these readers should try that.

  3. I kind of expected it all a long but never said anything. Thought I was looking in to it too much. It was especially prevalent in books 6 and 7. Dumbledore, seemed to express a closer than usual love for Hairy.
    I think it was cool Rowling said that. To me..it’s like she felt it didn’t need to be obviously said, it wasn’t meant to be a big taboo mark in the books. She made it just a subtle, normal thing. without “flawing” his character with the stigma associated with being gay. Making Dumbledore’s sexuality more acceptable.
    But again I could be looking into it too much lol

  4. I agree with Chris. It’s a controversial move to make in a book series that has a large percentage of child readers – not to mention the fact that many religious groups were already firmly against Harry Potter to begin with. Rowling would have just given them more ammo: “Harry Potter made my boy cast spells and like men! Blasphemy”

  5. Rowling prob planned it but didn’t reveal for fear of books being banned or excluded if word got out and parents were uncomfortable having their children read books with gay authority figures. Maybe, my guess,.

  6. >Secondly, why is that even
    >important? I never read any of the
    >books, but I am guessing sexuality
    >was never brought into play about
    >any characters, so why say ‘Oh,
    >this guy’s gay now’.
    Last I checked, heterosexuality was a sexuality as well. Let’s see now…
    –Harry’s heavy snogging scene with Ginny (Book 7)
    –Harry’s kiss w/ Cho Chang (Book 5)
    –Ron’s kiss with Hermione (Book 7)
    –Snape’s attraction to Lily (Books 5 and 7)
    –Harry’s first kiss w/Ginny (Book 6)
    –Harry imagining Ginny getting married, thinking about her as beautiful (Book 7)
    –Sexual and romantic tension/arguments between Hermione and Ron (entire series)
    –Victoire and Teddy (Book 7)
    –Fleur’s marriage to Bill (Book 6-7)
    –Percy and Penelope Clearwaters (Book 2)
    –Sirius’s owning of several “girly pictures” from Muggle magazines (Book 7)
    –Remus and Tonks getting married, having a kid (Books 6 & 7)
    –Hagrid and Olympe (Books 4 & 5)
    …I think that speaks for itself.
    So let’s see…it’s okay to write a semi-erotic scene between Ginny and Harry before they “break up,” but when the least sexual, most influential character of the series is outed by the AUTHOR herself, it’s immediate controversy. So what, if you advertise your sexuality you’re an attention whore, and if you don’t and only mention it IN PASSING, in order to ANSWER A QUESTION, you are STILL an attention whore?
    And Harry Potter is hardly a “children’s book.” Rowling has stated she wrote it for persons of ALL ages–and let’s face it, the pseudo-makeout scene between Ginny and Harry was hardly childish pecks.

  7. I really don’t understand why Rowlings would even reveal that. The book is over and done with, so why even introduce that part of a character?
    Secondly, why is that even important? I never read any of the books, but I am guessing sexuality was never brought into play about any characters, so why say ‘Oh, this guy’s gay now’.
    And I think we all know who the real queen was in those books…Potter for sure.

  8. after you read book 6, you can totally tell he’s a homo.
    Professor McGonagall is such a lesbian. I can’t believe she hasn’t been outed yet.

  9. … I didn’t expect that. Interesting.

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