!! OMG, He’s Getting Naked: James Franco !!

His Royal Dimpledness James Franco has signed on to write, direct and star in an adaptation of Stephen Elliot’s The Adderall Diaries. And you will be happy to hear that the role calls for full-on Franco phallus!

That’s right– Elliot, who is cowriting the screenplay with Franco himself, notes that if the movie is anything like the book, we’ll be getting an eyeful of beautiful Franco peen.

Those paying attention to such things will remember that Franco’s (prosthetic) weiner was supposed to make an appearance in Milk but was left on the cutting room floor because it was “too distracting.”

Distract me! Please!

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4 Comments on "OMG, He’s Getting Naked: James Franco"

  1. Well aren’t you a bunch of crab-apples. I’d love to see it, regardless of size, circumcision state or anything else. This whole “tiny dick” thing is so elementary playground it’s stupid. I appreciate the penis in all its forms.

  2. James Franco should keep his clothes on.

  3. Yeah, I’ll wait and see. We had the same promise with “Milk” only to get a faceless butt shot of someone swimming in a pool.

  4. We saw his pasty, bony bum in Milk and that was no treat at all.
    I don’t expect much more from him than yet another of the diminutive dicks we’ve had here of late.

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