!! OMG, he’s going to jail: Boy George !!

Boy George has been sentenced to 15 months in jail after being found guilty of handcuffing an escort and beating him with a chain. I guess Boy George just really wanted to hurt the escort, he really wanted to make him cryyyyyy.
Read more at THE SUN.

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4 Comments on "OMG, he’s going to jail: Boy George"

  1. I’ll skip the “time woah give me time” joke. And a few other songs that could fit in with this.
    Sad. But maybe he will finally get off the drugs, and lose weight while in jail. An yes I know there is an obvious “jail=butsecks” joke there.
    I do not think he will come out of this like how other stars have fared after jail time. It will probably take him a long time to get back to semi star-status, that he had before this.
    He’ll probably get some sort of reality show deal out of it. :/

  2. Things like this make you wonder what the truth is. If the report is accurate, Boy George doesn’t know what sub/dom play is…which is just plain sex period. He’s a dangerous person not only for what he did, but also for feeding the public sick and destructive misunderstandings about gay people, sub/dom eroticism, and about sex in general. Even if he paid the escort for SM activities, sounds like the same thing would happen.

  3. He should have paid the escort for SM activities. That would have been less trouble.or was he exacting revenge for the rejection.

  4. OMG he got so fat.

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