!! OMG, he’s in a jock: Seann William Scott !!

We saw Seann William Scott‘s naked bum in the obscure dark once before (NSFW LINK), but now he’s become brazen enough to run around outside in just a jockstrap in the movie Balls Out. See the NSFW shots after the jump.
Thanks to CB for the pics.

Click to enlarge. Download video 1 here and video 2 here.

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6 Comments on "OMG, he’s in a jock: Seann William Scott"

  1. Now this time I can believe it’s really his butt and not a stand in. But I have to tell you that I’m a little disappointed at how seemingly flat his ass is in the shot with him facing the naked tennis player in the shower stall. Sean works out a lot on his arms, chest, abs, and legs. Yet he appears to have forgotten his ass. I guess I really expected it to be more rounded and peach-shaped. The guy in the shower has a nice ass.
    Another thing, after removing his clothes for the young tennis player to wear, is that the top of Sean’s dark pubic area that we see or is it a dark sock that he’s wearing over his genitals?

  2. It’s been a while, but I remember the jocks when I was in school. They had a much narrower pouch than what he’s wearing. Maybe he didn’t mind showing his tush but didn’t want to show much of his front.

  3. Been waitin’ for this for a while. Damn, I could bounce quarters off of that!

  4. The man is FINE!

  5. I’d Do him.

  6. now was it forty love or deuce?

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