!! OMG, he’s kissing men: Dominic Monaghan !!

So I was trawling the usual sites looking for celebrity porn for y’all when I came across some photos of Dominic Monaghan kissing men. It looks like he’s drunk at parties, but you know, booze is just liquid truth!
See the pics after the jump, plus an NSFW pic of his butt (which Frank posted the VIDEO of previously).


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8 Comments on "OMG, he’s kissing men: Dominic Monaghan"

  1. Elijah’s getting plowed right now.

  2. that image (the one bill posted) could be perfectly photoshopped

  3. Kissing a man doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gay, bi or straight.
    It doesn’t really mean anything. In these pics he could just be cutting up.
    Although I will say one thing, I’d give him a big juicy kiss anytime !!

  4. Between that and the fact that Dominic has said publicly more than once that he really enjoys being naked (on the beach when shooting Lost, at home…), man would I love to be in the right circles to have met him. He seems like a free spirit who does what he wants, and good for him. He’s supposedly quite serious again with Evangeline Lilly “Kate”, so probably mostly straight, but still adorable.

  5. the only time i assume a str8 dudes gay is when he is rimming another dudes hole with delight…cause kissing, fucking or sucking another dude doesn’t necessarily mean he is gay. he could be tryin it out or bisexual, etc

  6. I love it when the str8 folk say that they are just “secure in their manhood” as an excuse to kiss other guys, grab each others crotches, slap each other on the ass and wear pink shirts. They can’t fool us LOL. I would gladly show Dominic Monaghan that I am secure in my manhood as well 😉

  7. I found this a few weeks ago. I would say that its safe to assume he’s gay.

  8. You just KNOW he’s queer… Come on out of the closet Dominic and bring Elijah with you.

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