!! OMG, he’s maybe naked: Ashton Kutcher !!

According to legend, Ms. Ashton was snapped while on the toilet by a roommate in his early modelling days, his bits dangling dangerously close to dirty water.

Check the NSFW photo after the jump and decide for yourself.
Thanks to Tim for the tip.


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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s maybe naked: Ashton Kutcher"

  1. andrewpinsker | April 11, 2010 at 3:06 pm | Reply

    this morning i was naked on the toilet bowl

  2. Its real why would anyone want to go through the trouble of making a fake look as real as this one just to have it be him on the toilet??? whats attractive about that. they would have made one of him that actually looked good or one where u could actually see his dick….. people need to start thinking honestly some on here arnt that bright… like the one who says hes shy yeah right! he did an abercrombie add of him in boxers… not shy at all lol

  3. i’ve seen the original of this and the guy sitting on the toilet is’nt that good looking. just warning you.

  4. Kevin in Cincy | October 15, 2008 at 7:18 pm | Reply

    That’s Ashton AND Janet Reno! Although I think Janet’s dick’s bigger when she sits down to wizz…

  5. that’s not ashton, that’s janet reno.

  6. That’s not him. Ashton doesn’t poop.

  7. I don’t know. It sure looks similar to him but these are not hes lips.
    And it does look like a work of photoshop.

  8. To all of the people saying that it is not him because of the 70’s garb should remember the reason for his fame in the first place–THAT 70’s SHOW!

  9. Comments about the decor are silly because there are buildings that were built in the 70’s that have not been updated since then?!especially high schools where budgets are low, they would not replace tile unless it is falling off the wall-LOL. Also, he is so far from being shy. He was a model and posed for several nude shots (no frontals-a couple of butts)and has taken off his clothes on That 70’s Show several times down to very skimpy briefs and also was in tighty whities on an awards show-national TV audience, etc.–As for whether the lower bits are really his? It is quite possible since this is not a very clear pic and those are harder to photoshop.

  10. he is very very shy about showing body parts, if that was really him, you can bet your ass he would had have sued whomever by now and removed it from viewing.

  11. even if it is him, are we that pathetic that we’re turned on by some limp dick sitting on the toilet?

  12. You people are hilarious. The decor says 70s? Have you seen a public bathroom lately? And the ones who don’t think it’s his face, THAT’S what you question about the pic? Of course that is his face. Anyway, being a PS expert as I am, I can tell you that this does appear to be real.

  13. the lips just don’t seem convincing enough. I mean, it puts a nice image in one’s mind but it just doesn’t seem viable.

  14. i doubt it too. the chin isn’t right.

  15. Unless he was a model in the 70’s I’m pretty sure that isn’t him!

  16. Many people would wish for such a photo to leak, but this is so fake. The whole decor of the photo looks like it’s from the 70s while Ashton’s face looks like it did yesterday. A good photoshop, but not believable.
    Plus, why would someone smile when they were caught taking a shit on the toilet? Wouldn’t you be royally pissed?

  17. doubt it.

  18. I already seen it!

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