!! OMG, he’s maybe naked: Frédérick Bousquet !!

French Olympic swimmer Frédérick Bousquet has let some nudie photos of himself get into the wrong hands. They’re all headless shots so who knows for sure, but that tattoo is pretty telling…
See the NSFW pics after the jump.
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42 Comments on "OMG, he’s maybe naked: Frédérick Bousquet"

  1. I may be late in seeing this pic but yeah…fake2x, the tattoos are on his opposite side…and I’m a photography major and I havent seen any software that will do a thing such as reversing the photo wil result in such as this…either he aribrushed the other shoulder and attached the tattoos on the other side or it was just a stunt…hehehe, and if i’m this guy…I would show my face when showing my cock…damn hell, he is an olympic athlete right? what’s he got to be shamed off? hehehe (wished phelps will show his cock though…)

  2. he can swim in my pool anytime

  3. it’s very nice, but i wouln’t touch it until he got rid of the wart on the head of that penis!

  4. I still haven’t realised why some ppl say it’s not him sorry! Anyway I think is him, if you just reverse the images the tattoos go where they should be! I never had a Mac and my cam settings asked me if I wanted the image reversed or not so it can happen!
    Also even if you see the swimmer’s fingers/nails and this guy they are very much the same so it must be the same person! He is also uncut like most French and Europeans and also if you reverse another of his images(not found here) where you can see his whole penis, the penis has a slight bent on his left side like the majority of men! So it must be him guys!!

  5. you can tell it is him because of the tan line from his speedo.

  6. I’d have to say that I think they are real. I use a Mac and if I take photos with Photobooth, my tattoos are on the opposite side – as in you have to flip the photos before sharing and I never do that – which is kinda funny when I’m wearing a t-shirt and all the writing is backwards.

  7. OK, you bitches are CRAZY! This Motherfucker is a straight up “Butta” face. He needs to put a paper bag over that face before I fuck ’em. Oh, “rebster”, you can see the hip tattoo (and more dick pics) at Queerclick.com

  8. delish either way!

  9. Are u all serious. Even if they were taken in a mirror or the image is flipped, by looking at his hand you can tell that the fake pics tatoos are on the right while the real pics tatoos are on the left. It’s something you learn in preschool, lefty loosey, righty FAKE…….out.

  10. hmm… my last statement stands true about the clearly distingushable left/right side (and it not being mirrored as you can see his arms left/right side) BUT….the tattoos are fkin identical…idk….confused but don’t really care.

  11. Dude not correct…
    The tattoos are on the wrong side… No mirror or flipping would fix this, it would have to be completely photoshop changed.
    Explanation for the slow:
    In the first picture of definitely him… the tattoos are on his left chest (note: this is not reversable he is facing fowards with his left/right arm clearly distinguishable)
    In the nude pics the tattoos are on his right chest…clearly distinguishable left/right arms tell you this…
    If you can not understand this I am sorry.
    Not the same person. sry.

  12. ok so how come i can not find a picture of this guy with that tattoo on his hip? am i not looking in the right places? because until i see that tattoo on his hip in some other picture this guy in these pics. is not that swimmer dude.

  13. it’s totally him. he’s gorgeous.

  14. Why would he use a mirror wheb we is using a webcam..dumbass..

  15. i wouldn’t be ashamed of what he is packing and man he is packing alot in those tight speedos. he can whip that big boy out on me anytime

  16. It may be him… same build and same tatoos.
    Yeah tatoos are on the wrong side according to the pics, UNLESS the pics are taken of a mirror reflection, which seems to be the case on this images due to the way the window light reflects on his shoulder (especially in the 4th pic).
    If this was not a mirror image, the window light would not hit him on his chest and shoulder the way it does. The light is hitting on a flat surface in front of his body (typical mirror effect).
    So there is a possibility. Otherwise, why would someone get the exact same tatoo but on the opposite side? Especially if someone plotted this, and they just got a henna tatoo, you think they would have paid attention at what side the tatoo should be.

  17. who would have thought all of that would fit into his swimsuit

  18. He took them in a mirror dumbasses

  19. it’s possible that the photos have been flipped, though. it seems the nude photos were taken using a webcam. some built-in webcams capture flipped images.
    just a thought. very nice dick, i must say. hot hot body.

  20. Ok god knows I love being devil’s advocate. but has anyone ELSE noticed that if you simply flip the images the tats are on the right side of the body? Its a simple thing to do. I say its him and I need to move to France.

  21. it’s not that hard to flip pictures. also, depending on what application you use to acquire the images (iChat vs. iMovie, for example), the resulting image is either mirror image (iChat) or re-oriented (iMovie). verdict – the naked guy is likely the swimmer. this is a more parsimonious explanation than having some unrelated guy get the same tattoos in mirror image orientation on the opposite site of the body.

  22. Are you people daft? Haven’t you ever used your photobooth to take pictures on your mac? It takes mirror-imaged photos unless you change the settings. It’s the same guy. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

  23. The webcam that came with my Mac shows all images in reverse. Like a mirror.

  24. Hmm.. well he could have his cam mirror, meaning the image was flipped in reverse, so it very well could have been him.
    Too bad there’s no text in the images to tell whether its been flipped.

  25. the tats look identical but they’re on opposite sides of the body. Frédérick is tattooed on his left side, this dude is tattooed on his right…

  26. The tattoos are on the wrong side… It isn’t the same person.

  27. It could just be me, but that tattoo looks like its on the opposite side of the real swimmer…in the pic of the speedo the tattoo is on HIS left, and in all the nudie pics its on HIS right, and a mirror image wouldnt change which side the tattoo is on.

  28. Come on, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the tattoo isn’t even on the same side as in the real pic of him!! Come on now!

  29. can’t you destinguisch between left and right. Tatoo is on the wrong side of the body!

  30. The tats are on the wrong side of the body.

  31. did anyone notice that the tattoo is totally on the wrong side, what a dumbass, you would think that if someone took the time to copy the tattoo’s they would place them on the right side…

  32. Not him. In the top picture with his tattoo is on his left, but in the naked pictures, the tattoo is on the right.

  33. Nice piece. But the tatoo is on the wrong place isn’t it? But who cares really?

  34. this can’t be him, all his pictures have that tattoo on his left side. those picture have that tattoo on the right side of him.

  35. I think this is fake, the shoulder tattoos r on a different shoulder between the nude photos and the pic…….

  36. those tatoos r really convincing but they look like they’re on the wrong side

  37. I don’t think it’s him, as the tattoo looks identical but it’s on a different shoulder than the head shot pic

  38. Unless one set of those images were flipped, the first photo shows the tat’s on the left shoulder and the others on the right.

  39. Hot. Now where are the nude pics of USA’s David Boudia?

  40. It is clearly not him. Although the tatoo does look similar, it is on the wrong side of the body. Still nice package!

  41. I don’t think that those pictures or of the same guy, if you notice the tattoo that he has on his left shoulder in the first picture. Is on his right shoulder and chest in the other pictures. They are some hot pictures though.

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