!! OMG, he’s naked again: Dane Cook !!

We have already seen glimpses of Dane Cook in the movie GOOD LUCK CHUCK (Link NSFW), but !! OMG !! reader Robin has sent us some shots of Cook’s best side from a more revealing angle. Check out the NSFW shots after the jump.


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11 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked again: Dane Cook"

  1. Holy crap does everyone own this shirt

  2. Nice butt, strictly amateur douche.

  3. No, those pictures are of dane cooks butt. The movie producers wouldn’t get a special butt person for that scene. And it’s the same exact butt in good luck chuck and that was clearly him and his butt. It just comes off as hairy in the first one cause it’s far away shot so there is more shadow.

  4. The first pic is him (note the fuzzy bum)… The rest are someone else.

  5. i would love to run my cock up cooks crack anyday

  6. When I lived in Vancouver, I had this hippy-type pot dealer who looked exactly like Dane Cook with long hair… so yum!

  7. The backside is fine! Betting front is also! Funny man.

  8. love the pics of his ass. dane cook is fine as hell. i would love to bury my face in that ass and wouldn’t definitely love some cook cock.

  9. He has a nice ass, if indeed that is really his ass.

  10. Damn that ass is nice! I’d eat that shit out… Damn.

  11. Aw c’mon! When are we gonna get some cock shots of Cook! :>) Can’t wait for those!

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