!! OMG, why?: Rick Astley Macy’s Parade !!

I have no idea why Rick Astley popped out of some sort of cartoon float in yesterday’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, or what’s so funny about RICKROLLING, but this was a really uncomfortable moment and probably confusing for the kids watching.
Mommy, who’s the sad man lip-syncing to classical music?
Thanks to CB for the link.

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9 Comments on "OMG, why?: Rick Astley Macy’s Parade"

  1. this rickroll thing is totally ruining my gay childhood love for Rick Astley and his music. also, wtf…his hair…

  2. Hmmmm … On the videos of old I seem to recall seeing him as a carrot top … I mean like flaming … Whatever I was just a kid then and the song just has one of those “happy, happy, joy, joy” feeling … Hope everyone has a happy and festive holiday season and be good ’cause you know who is watching.

  3. Somehow, that just didn’t strike me as the most appropriate float for that song.

  4. Rather than ask why, perhaps you should ask why all other pop music made now is not nearly as awesome as this song.

  5. hm this does not look like real hair – hope he is not sick.

  6. Never gonna give you up

  7. Yeah, the hidden pleasure of “Rick Rolling” is totally lost on me as well. And he has a very bad haircut these days.

  8. Yeah, so random… but he just won several awards recently. I guess he is trying to make his come back.

  9. lmao wow… thats just random as ever.

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