!! OMG, he’s naked: Antonio Sabato Jr. !!

After his successful career as a Calvin Klein model and his stint on Melrose Place as the nefarious Jack Parezi, dreamy actor Antonio Sabato Jr. decided to follow the yellow brick road to on-screen gay sex and full frontal nudity, and thank goodness.
After the jump, check out some NSFW stills from two movies where he played gay: Testosterone and Deadly Skies.

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Antonio Sabato Jr. in Testosterone:

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And in Deadly Skies:

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25 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Antonio Sabato Jr."

  1. Where can I see these movies, preferably for free

  2. I love a man in black underwear!

  3. I’ve wanted him since he was on “General Hospital”

  4. Antonio Bnaders young, has a spectacular body and a beautiful mushroom-form uncut peniss.US males should see it so as to not circ their newborn babies. A perfect body!

  5. Antonio is beautiful. But I wonder, why can’t people who post here, or anywhere, spell properly (in English, of course).??

  6. antonia kalogeras | June 10, 2011 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    antonio is the most gorgeas/sexiest man alive

  7. Murphy you dumbshit. Why would he call you when he has my number? LOL. And Tyler? Betcha his is more purdy than yours. LOL! He’s a beautiful man. Thanks for the pics! 😉

  8. omg, antonio sabato is the hottest man ever he could top me any day every day and seems to be very sweet why cant both sexes enjoy sex with this absouluely perfect man come on this is 2009 isnt it. michael

  9. i really don’t see why you all would care , i mean wow it’s just a movie get over itt.. forreal.

  10. yum. I have never been more attracted to him in my life. This makes him sooo much hotter! He’s got to be bi-sexual. Think about it. That’s why he can’t last in a relaltionship for too long with a woman. He likes to play the field on both sides, and shit, let him. He’s fine, its his progetive.

  11. OOO MMMM GG!

  12. this is GROSS! I HATE Queers!!

  13. I, absolutely, LOVE Antonio. I don’t care what type of part he plays. What I do care about, & it disappoints me, is how he never stays in a relationship for more then 5 or 6 years, even though he has children by 2 different women. I’ve been told by someone very close to him, that he is a womanizer. Too, bad!

  14. okay this is me again. the first note may seem hateful. Anyways i would like the real antonio sabato jr to email me and tell me why?

  15. I’m soooooo disappointed in seeing these pictures that i am going to try not to like him anymore because i had a crush on antonio sabato jr. for years. I relly think he would prefer me there instead of that………….

  16. i love antonio sabato, he plays gay character, nude, kiss, and cuddle

  17. …and in that gay porn flick, he should partner with none other than Michael Bergin…both doing the versatile roles-catcher and pitcher!

  18. he should do gay porn! he’d be the “it” boy for a long time…i’d prolly die seeing him doin a porn anyway

  19. One of the controversies of the film is that it has been released under three different names and in each the content (about the gay parts) is a little different. If you cannot find this movie as “Deadly Skies”, look for it as “Ultimate Limit” or “Force of Impact”.
    In summary it is an anti-military paranoia film with a great deal of pacifistic self-righteousness. I enjoyed it as a brief getaway from life but when it was over, it was over.

  20. I have always been a big fan of Antonio (ever since he played sexy Jagger on “General Hospital.”) I do not think I would like to watch him in this particular movie though (not my kind of thing) I always think of him as that “sexy stud” who always seduces all the beautiful women!! He is so absolutely gorgeous it is so hard to look at him sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I have seen the censored version of Deadly Skies (no sex scene and absolutely nothing to imply Sabato’s character is gay). I have tried to find the missing scene but no luck, all uploaded videos are off. Any help?

  22. it is the first time i have seen his penis
    it is ver long

  23. Antonio Sabato, Jr. was very good in Testosterone. Physically, I enjoyed both lead actors. I have yet to see Deadly Skies, but the pics look hot! I always wonder about “str8” men “playing gay for pay”…not complaining….just fascinated. I guess, there are many “curious” people in the world. Sabato is aging very well, of course, most Hollywood men age well anyway…they can afford to.

  24. Testosterone is actually not a bad movie…but I much prefer Canadian hottie David Sutcliffe over Sabato…Sutcliffe also played a gay guy on Happy Endings.

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