!! OMG, he’s naked: Ashton Kutcher !!

There was some kerfuffle a while back when some videocapper thought he caught the shadow of one of Ashton Kutcher‘s pubes in The Butterfly Effect. I think it was just his imagination.

Anyway, here are Ashton’s real-life pale white butt cheeks, mooning some monuments in Washington for The Tonight Show. There is a bit of hardly-necessary censorship blur running down his crack; as if he doesn’t completely shave it all for momma Demi Moore. See the stills after the jump [NSFW].

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ashton Kutcher"

  1. Gimme a break! That’s not Ashton’s butt. It’s Obama’s!

  2. The last direct descendant of Abraham Lincoln, Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith, died in 1985. So Darren you’ll have to find another reason to be offended because you are not a direct decedent of Lincoln, learn your history before you make things up.

  3. Zzzz…Why was this posted? A “blurred” butt crack shot of a total has-been, not in any way sexy, MARRIED actor is so not hype worthy. “Blurred butt crack shot”…jeez…

  4. yawwwwwn- “ashton” is stale bread.

  5. If you pause butterfly effect when he’s falling out of bed when he wakes up at college, you can see part of his willy

  6. So you think I was a little too “hard-on” the guy? I’m sorry, David. AND ABRAham.
    Peace, love, & DEMOCRACY!!!!!

  7. Abe, the notorious fag (and amazing american politician), would certainly not have minded Ashton’s bubble butt.

  8. If you were an actual descendent of Abraham Lincoln you would probably not spell his name incorrectly (“Aberham”). Mooning at the Lincoln Memorial is irreverent but entertaining;not knowing how to spell the name of one of America’s most cherished presidents is not.

  9. Not that I’m opposed to Ashton Kutcher’s flawless bodt (butt( when it comes to these photos in front of the Lincoln Memorial it offends me ( even though I pretty well know that wasn’t in Mr. Kutcher’s mind at the time. He was just goofing off having fun, but I am a direct descendant of Aberham Lincoln and proud of my lineage. I think that photographs like these are shit no matter what adonis it is.
    Darren in Glendale, Az.

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