!! OMG, he’s naked: Ben Affleck goes full-frontal in ‘GONE GIRL’ !!

You’ve waited since Good Will Hunting, you envied J.Lo, and then Jen Garner, and now that golden moment has arrived. Ben Affleck bares it all in this year’s Gone Girl, and you can check it out, right here, after the NSFW jump!

Click to enlarge.

Ben Affleck nude
Ben Affleck nude
Ben Affleck nude
Ben Affleck nude
Ben Affleck nude
[thanks CB! via Xander]

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21 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ben Affleck goes full-frontal in ‘GONE GIRL’"

  1. I could spend a night kissing this guy and sucking on that beautiful dick….

  2. Assfreak-Aleks | October 9, 2017 at 8:47 pm | Reply

    Incredibly nice ass, but his cock is too big!

  3. Ben is handsome enough but his brother Casey is more handsome—however, if Casey is indeed not circumcised, I would definitely go with Ben !

  4. In the photo you notice Ben is circumcised!

  5. Ben Affleck id circumcised,his brother Casey is not,

  6. Ben Affleck has a big dick and is circumcised as most Americans are.His younger brother Casey is intact:a new generation of Americans-Thos of Ben’s generation were all cut!

  7. Please read the definition of “full frontal” again. Then think. Then open these pics again.

  8. Mmm! I don’t care how old he is. That dick looks yummy! ♥_♥

  9. Wow! that is yummy. Who knew that he has that kin of penis all along. very impressive I just wanna have fun with a dick like that.

  10. Real or fake? Have you guys not heard the extensive conversations about Ben’s dick lately? Jennifer Garner talked about it and its size, and basically said “You’re welcome” to the audience. He’s talked about it, everyone’s been talking about it. That is a beautiful dick.

  11. WOW! Impressive. Would love to see it hard and by see it I mean have him smack me in the face with it.

  12. I don’t think its a double or a prop..he has that little lower abdomen belly that a lot of men get after 40..I think it’s him.. And why not ? what does he care anymore? He has made it and this will probably get him laid more!!
    I have to say it’s exactly how I envisioned it..

  13. Loved this movie sooo much. Fun, bloody and vulgar. And now that it’s hitting DVD when can get a real look at that dick. In the theater you couldn’t really see it, it was a split second and very darkly lit. The NPH dick was easier to see, but less exciting b/c (SPOILER) he was a dead bloody body, it made it less sexy. It looks like Ben has a nice bush, which is HOT.

  14. Wonder who warmed it up for him?

  15. Body double…

  16. I…am impressed.

  17. I cannot tell if Ben is Whole or Circumcised its kinda hard to tell if I can see the edge of the glans or not.

  18. maybe it’s real, maybe it’s a prosthetic. you never know with films.

  19. Very nice. More than I was expecting.

  20. Finally!!! I saw the movie twice and still wasn’t able to get a good view. These photos confirm what I think I saw. Yum!

  21. Thanks. Can’t wait to see the one from Neil Patrick Harris that also was promised for this movie!! (I read it but i have to admit I didn’t convinced my bf to go and see it on cinema 🙁

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