!! OMG, he’s naked: Ben Whishaw !!

An anonymous tipster writes to request nudies of the mysterious, brooding cutie-pie Ben Whishaw, who plays John Keats in Jane Campion’s new Bright Star. (Our tipster reports that he cried twice during the film, alone in an audience of middle-aged ladies. And no, the tipster is not me.)

Here at OMG.BLOG, ask and you shall receive. Behold as—after the NSFW jump—I pull Mr. Whishaw’s totally UC dick, luxurious pubes and perky butt out like rabbits from my hat.

These butt shots are Ben in some British show called Criminal Justice. Click for bigger ones. And check out our big Ben Whishaw nude round-up here.
The frontals are from some Brian Jones movie called Stoned, which I am told is bad despite the copious weiner.
(The guy on the right is Leo Gregory)
(Screencaps by Casperfan.)

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9 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ben Whishaw"

  1. i love Ben whishaw

  2. This. Man. Is. So. Beautiful.

  3. cute face and ass, but just too skinny for me.

  4. I saw Ben as Hamlet at the Old Vic several years ago and he was absolutely brilliant. He’s also in the film Perfume, a strange, but very good movie. I think he’s a talented young man and he does look good naked.

  5. YUCK…..skinny…dirty….small weeny….throw it back

  6. overrated

  7. Ben is so completely my type. He’s also naked a couple of times in the most recent adaptation of Brideshead Revisited, FYI.

  8. your descriptive diction is, as always, winsome: this actor does seem like a “mysterious, brooding cutie-pie.”
    but alas i am underwhelmed by these nude photos. he seems malnourished and looks unclean…like he smells like stale cigarettes and fish-mouth-burps.
    as for this film about john keats…i’d much rather read keats’ poems and letters, even tho the film is probably beautiful…
    – sigh –

  9. OMG.
    I saw the face first.
    Then the butt.
    Then the torso.
    Then the butt again.
    Then the peen.

    I’m in love.

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