!! OMG, he’s naked: Brendon Villegas !!

Star of the most recent season of Big Brother and one half of the most annoying reality show couple of all-time, Brendon Villegas recently whipped out his dick and sent it to some girl who then Tweeted it.
Somehow that tried and true sequence of events never gets tired. See the NSFW photo after the jump.

BONUS bulge clip of Brendon from the Big Brother Live Feed:

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16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Brendon Villegas"

  1. I would so love to suck and licks his big dick and balls then fuck his hot ass

  2. FUck him so bad | August 24, 2012 at 7:25 am | Reply

    id like to lick him all over then fuck him and suck his big dick

  3. I would love to suck him off….nice hard cock!

  4. Nice photo’s however i think he’s alittle crazy…however he’s beautiful!!!!

  5. How lucky his girlfriend is. I would love to suck his big cock.

  6. he is so sexy id whant to have sex with him and suck his peanas he is so cute

  7. he can be a porn star

  8. Watched B.B and instantly loved Brendan. I’d only fantsized about how perfect his cock would be and i wasn’t let down.

  9. well, damn.

  10. hot dick, love to get my hands and mouth around that

  11. nice cock
    but i hate when guys completely shave,
    trimming is okay, but don’t shave it all

  12. Now if only he’d show his ass haha

  13. You call that nude?
    Just kidding.
    Awesome picture. Those cameras are getting much better. I guess he and the love of his life Rachel are no longer together.

  14. The news is that this same girl also just posted dick pics of another BB contestant — James Rhine. You may remember James from Big Brother All-Stars as the former model (aren’t they all?) and notorious liar who basically became the villain of his season.
    I had such a crush on James in the day, and even thought he’s become this huge Tea Party douchebag I would still grudge-fuck the Republican right out of him LOL

  15. You’re right, that never gets old. He’s got a nice dick. I doubt I’d want to watch any show he’s on, though.

  16. He isn’t the only Big Brother guy with naked pics leaked recently.

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