!! OMG he’s naked: Brian Austin Green !!

He doesn’t look as hot as he should, but Brian Austin Green’s NSFW butt pics from “Cock & Bull Story” are after the jump (as well as a link to video of him being stripped).

CLICK HERE to download video

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9 Comments on "OMG he’s naked: Brian Austin Green"

  1. Hi Recently I saw a report on Access or EXTRA on NBC.
    It was about John Mayer
    He was wering that thong thing that Borak wore in the movie.
    John look like he might be huge, But they blocked it out.
    Can you get an uncensored pic?
    I would love to see that
    Love JamieLee

  2. total butt double.
    you always know when there’s not a full body shot.

  3. even if it is a stunt butt, it’s still a nice one.

  4. That looks like a stunt ass to me. Have to say though, I’d love to have him fuck me.

  5. Jesus god, what the hell is going on in that scene?

  6. Sorry I didn’t see any nake pic of Green, only a ass shot.

  7. theres an earlier movie with him in it where hes living in this old mansion or something and comes out with this semi hard schlong in a sarong OMG…FIND IT please

  8. There’s no way that is his butt, it’s perfectly tanned and firm, while he’s a bony, pasty, washed up teenstar in his late 30s.
    They could have at least tried to make the skin tone match, I call shenanigans.

  9. He has a Hot Ass

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