!! OMG, If you’re sign is idiotic you might be a teabagger !!

I know I know I know that making fun of teabaggers’ spelling, grammar and general education issues is totally missing the point of what is so wrong with these people. And I know I know I know I know that my smug, preening superiority about it just makes me another socialist fake-American poindexter queer.

After all, lots of people can’t spell and it doesn’t mean they don’t have perfectly valid opinions. I myself often have trouble with hyphenation, as I’m sure many OMG readers have noticed.

Despite all of these truths, I cannot stop LOLing at this gallery of woefully error-ridden protest signs from tea party rallies. The owner of the flickr has helpfully coined this protest sign pidgin Teabonics. Works for me!

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5 Comments on "OMG, If you’re sign is idiotic you might be a teabagger"

  1. TEABAGGER ALERT!!!! He’s mad, yall. cc: aj

  2. That is hillarious! Not the sign but the fact you are making such a deal out of it! In the Bug Hall post you wrote “move” instead of MOVIE you stupid socialist fake-American poindexter fag. People in glass houses!

  3. jj, the headline is purposely misspelled. that’s the point.

  4. Teers in my eyz from laffing so hard!
    Seriously. You can’t fix stupid.

  5. Maybe the jest was lost on me, but I am certain you mean, “if YOUR sign is idiotic…”
    On the other hand, if you understand and can demonstrate the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE, you might be smarter than a teabagger…
    (looks like the author penciled in the ‘ and the E after the fact) at least someone had the education of a 2nd grader at the rally!

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