!! OMG, he’s naked: Christopher Atkins !!

We saw a couples flashes of Chris Atkins‘s penis in The Blue Lagoon (remember, the one with Brooke Shields when she still had a unibrow?), but he was either swimming around in a very cold ocean or sliding down rocks with his baby, so neither were very sexy.
Fortunately, he decided to take some steamy photos either before or after the fact. I don’t know what he looks like now, but Mr. Atkins was very hot (if a bit girly) then, so let us remember after the jump [NSFW].

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35 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Christopher Atkins"

  1. He can invade my lagoon any day!

  2. springpeeper | March 13, 2014 at 1:22 am | Reply

    His penis is small but it’s the most beautiful penis ever! What I wouldn’t give to play with, kiss, lick and suck that adorable dick. It’s sooooo cute!!!! I’ve been in love with his dick ever since I first saw a picture of it in Playboy magazine when I was 16 (the one where he’s sliding down the rock naked with Brooke Shields). First time I ever got hard looking at a guy. I embraced that shit and have enjoyed twice the eye candy that straight or gay people do. That last pic is definitely NOT photoshopped. I have an autographed 8X10 glossy from the man himself. I suspect he had a bunch made in all of its uncropped glory by the photographer from the negative. I also have another more recent 8X10 glossy of him holding a lobster on a nude beach with his dick dangling. Still looks yummy! Along with a couple of great b&w nude shots from a photography book, that makes five pictures of his dick that I regularly stroke mine to (still have the Playboy), along with those great glimpses in The Blue Lagoon and A Night In Heaven on DVD. If I could pick any penis in the world to suck, Christopher Atkins’ penis would be my choice by a fucking mile.

  3. What would Morgan Brittany say?

  4. great bod small dick

  5. Christopher atkins has a very small cut pecker!

  6. George Lookhoff | August 23, 2011 at 12:30 pm | Reply

    Iwould REALLY,REALLY LOVE to meet CHRISTOPHER ATK INS because I REALLY liked Him in the movie The B lue Lagoon. I also own The Blue Lagoon on DVD.I c an ask Him about Brooke Shields and what He thoug ht of Brooke.I would also love to see that still HOT looking body,those REALLY cool looking locks, that good looking ASS,that REALLY,REALLY HOTTT LO OKING Penis.I would also like to find out from CH RISTOPHER ATKINS if HE WILL make anymore movies.A lso if He will make anymore R rated movies where HE will be doing nude scenes. Because He looks oh sooo HOT when He Does a NUDE scene/scenes.

    • Carroll A Peterson | February 28, 2017 at 7:01 pm | Reply

      I would drain Christopher’s balls dry. After him I would go to work on Nick Jonas and empty his balls. He is also very hot and a friend of the gay community.

  7. In my humble opinion Christopher Atkins is the only man I can think of who still looks sexy and beautiful while wearing a reptile for a G string.

  8. there are new naked pics with him..and these ones are real..i think..i saw him naked in the blue lagoon, and he has a small but pretty dick

  9. Go to http://www.lostinthe past.net/CAtkins.html
    and among the photos from A Night in Heaven is one of Chris naked, with a clothedd woman, about to begin a sex scene. His semihard, quite respectable dick is fully visible.

  10. aunt mimsy's gin rickey | September 5, 2009 at 9:44 am | Reply

    I had the issue when I was a young sword-shiner, and stared at it a few thousand times. Whether or not that last pic is a photoshop (I’m sure it is), it was not included in the magazine. None of his photos in the original spread (and pretty much all of them are included here) showed frontal.

  11. Chris was always beautiful (even if a bit girly) and just a tad short…but he’s straight, grown now with crows feet and some gray hairs, a wife, kids. He does remark however in “Child Stars” that he still has a tendency to run about naked. Would love to be a weekend houseguest at his place.

  12. is that last 1 real or photoshop? never saw it before…always only the cropped version 🙁
    but hes gotta be just about the most perfect guy ever! 😉

  13. Man, he is soooooo beautiful and sooo hot o.O Actually is a god *.* But that thing is reaaly small too : /

  14. chris what a ass would love to eat your buns

  15. Sarah Cummings | November 24, 2008 at 6:27 pm | Reply

    I am a bi crossdresser. I would dress up classy but VERY sexy for him. I would pay attention to EVERY detail of myself to make sure I look and feel sensuous, classy, sexy, intimate and wanting. I’d love him up with NO hesitation. YES! I do have a crush on him. (Sigh) Chris, I want to be YOUR lover!!! Sarah

  16. He looked quite endowed in the underwater shots, but then size isn’t a major factor for me.
    I saw the film when I was young and I thought the boy who played the young Richard was cute too.
    I don’t think he did much after Lagoon either.

  17. so much groaning and moaning when a teen to discover that behind that buldge there was a tiny weeny nothing. im so frustrated now

  18. Small? Why does does the guy with the stretch marks at both ends always have to complain.

  19. still hot to look at even though it’s nearly 30 years since Blue Lagoon.

  20. HOT! HOT! HOT! Looks just right to me, more than a mouthful is a waste! Besides, I bet with the proper “treatment” it would grow!


  22. wow. id suck him up. i dont care if he’s small. he probably grows a lot.


  24. he is absolutely beautiful

  25. I saw a recent picture of him. He is still a very handsome man in very good shape for his age. You’d still notice him in a crowd with or without clothes. In some cases, gay men do this instead of just giving in to age.

  26. You guys are right. Absolutely beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Words escape me.

  27. whatever i still thin he is way hot maybe not now but back then i’d sure take a vaction on the beach with his hot ass and beautiful cock i dont care about size i care about beauty

  28. Small, someone said?? what are you , part donkey???? I think he is beautiful…nice pickle…

  29. Its nice to see some confidence in taking nude pics be it big or small. And you never know hes probably a grower!!

  30. he is so small

  31. Wow, Sue-Ellen was pretty lucky (until J.R. found out). LOL.

  32. OMG! That last pic totally looks like Kristy McNichol!

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