!! ‘Grand Theft Auto’ For Homos !!

(via Towleroad)
Not only does it let you relive your high school experience in a more empowered way by letting you stand up to the bullies, Rock Star Games new title Bully let’s you make out with those who might otherwise beat you up. And all you have to do is give them flowers. If only it were actually that easy. The best part is the dialogue (“I’m a totally awesome kisser, right?”).
Despite what the prudes in the “YouTube community” say about the “appropriateness” of the video, it’s just two pixellated characters (both of whom happen to be male) kissing.

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2 Comments on "‘Grand Theft Auto’ For Homos"

  1. I just find this so ridiculous.
    I mean, does it matter whetever both of the characters has penises?
    You make such a big deal out of male genetalia, thne you are obviously the homosexuall here.
    (shoutout to all haters out there)

  2. I have always wondered; when playing the likes of “grand theft auto”, “san andreas” etc., instead of beating up cops and gangsters, why can’t you just rape them or something. This is sooooo hot!

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