!! OMG, he’s naked: Daisy of Love’s BIG RIG !!

Okay, so I have to admit that I’ve kind of maxed out on VH1’s various ________ OF LOVE dating series. I mean, I am the person who watched every episode of both seasons of FLAVOR OF LOVE, not to mention CHARM SCHOOL. (I would be able to tell Hottie’s wig from Saaphyri’s lace-front with my eyes closed.
But even I have my limits. Sometime around REAL CHANCE OF LOVE, starring sibling bachelors “Real” and “Chance,” I decided enough was enough. I don’t even remember who this “Daisy” person is! But I guess that doesn’t actually matter– naturally, one of her suitors has now made a nude appearance on the internet!
His “name” is “Big Rig” and he’s naked after the jump, frolicking on some boat somewhere while people look on and wonder who the f*ck he is. Not Safe For Work!


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6 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Daisy of Love’s BIG RIG"

  1. yeah i agree w/natasha, everything shannon explained (aside from the small dick because that picture is too far to really tell) but ok this guy has done ultimate fighting so he has a body, his ass isnt flat, the picture is, and i guess you havnt seen pale guys in your life nor have you seen the show because this one guy named Sinister was shorter, skinnier, and way paler than Big Rig ever will be! … not the most flattering guy on the show, but he definitly isnt an eyesore in my opinion..

  2. I totally agree with you Natasha. I guess some people are so stretched out that only 12″ can be felt. O.o No he didn’t! Yes…he did.

  3. Um ok… I don’t know what pictures Shannon is looking at. If that’s a pale, no body, flat ass… I’ll take it! The pic showing the peen is too far away to really see it, but you can obviously tell that it’s flaccid (that means soft). I bet it’s really nice when it’s hard. :oD

  4. hot but but now sure about the dick

  5. Please tell him to put his clothes on! No body….tiny dick…flat ass….pale

  6. I take it his nickname was based on the size of his…truck?

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