!! OMG, he’s naked: Danny Pintauro !!

Gay actor Danny Pintauro (aka fey teen Jonathan Bower) has finally answered the eternal question of “Who’s the Boss?” Apparently it’s someone other than him, according to Danny’s Manhunt profile, where he describes himself as “sexy, passionate, fun, verbal, obedient (and) open to anything.” He also says his penis is seven inches long, circumsized, and he sometimes does drugs.
And of course, the good part that goes along with anyone’s Manhunt profile: the naked photos! See them after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge this one:
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  3. I love Danny,he is a American treasure.Danny is sweet,only he would be generouse enough to do something like this.Danny knows there are millions of guys like myself,who have drooled over him on TV.He wanted us to enjoy him and we are!Thank you Danny,I love you!

  4. looks FINE!

  5. For all we know the personals profile was not created by him … id theft happens all the time.
    If it is an authentic ad, perhaps he was stupid for not hiding his id but shame on people for exposing what should still be on the down-low (a personals site).
    BTW he looks just fine to me

  6. What the F-@k some of you trolls taking about! He is still very attractive. Danny is thirty years old. He isn’t a kid anymore, he is a man! I don’t know about you, if I met him tomorrow I would surely like to know him tomorrow reguardless of his past!
    As to the drugs, who hasn’t done drugs at one stage or another! Alcohol is by far the worst drug on your body, proven fact!
    I still love the eyes and absolutely think he grew up as a attractive man! The man has some real balls to come out!

  7. Is it just me, or does his hole look all busted and worn out? You could practically drive a big rig through it!!!

  8. Hi all!

  9. For the person that posted on his Adam4Adam ad and said this:
    “His ad mentions Reefer”
    That’s stupid. You took what he said out of context and it doesn’t even say “reefer”. He was stating that he has “references” and his words were cut short which ended up being “refer”. But if you just read it, you’ll understand what he was saying.

  10. the above mentioned says he is on MANHUNT… am just curiosu but has anyone found his ad on manhunt – and what does go under.
    – thought he would be hotter looking – he looks bad in the pics. almost sickly looking.

  11. Wow, he looks terrible.


  13. I met him at a party in NY…nice guy, at least that night…. we even kissed. I dont get what happens to someone who takes a chance on public humiliation, but then again, thats a risk we take when in the public eye. I hope he’s doing ok.

  14. I read about him in the advocate a few years ago , and was pleased that that little kid that I used to watch while eaiting microve pizza served by my babysitter while my parents were at AA meetings had the guts to come out. And now especially like this is even more brave. Kudos Danny. As for him and Tony getting it on I seriously doubt it. Tony seems like he would feel like he was committing incest or something. They both seem like people with morale.

  15. OMG is right. How can you do this to this poor guy.. This leaves a bad taste in my mouth and only truly feel sorry for him that you have put his goodies on the net for everyone to view… Shame on you!!!

  16. Danny is also on the website Adam4Adam as meanbj
    He is HOT!!!
    His ad mentions Reefer…Heres a link.

  17. I think he’s hotter than HELL!! It’s SO mice to see a gay man not shave his entire body till he looks like a manequin in Macy’s window. That hairy asshole is jsut devine! I’d like to know when this “waxed” look for gay men is gonna go out of style. If you waxed in the 70’s or 80’s, you’d have had the pink trinagle ripped right off your chest!

  18. That is CLEARLY what happens to a METH head. He looks much older then his age… Very Sad.

  19. bittersoursaltysweet | January 25, 2007 at 3:00 am | Reply

    I think he’s hot and everything, but someone please explain to me WHY DO YOU FEEL USING COCK RINGS IS SEXY. It’s nasty and should be reserved for the near impotent elder gays. Also, maybe he’s 7″ when he streches in the morning but I just don’t see it.

  20. Am I the only gay guy here who thinks he is absolutely disgusting…and somewhat pathetic…?

  21. anyone know his manhunt username?

  22. This guy has come a long way…and damn is he ever hot…..and I love his look now hot and rugged and sexy…I love the little peek at his asshole and his balls are nice too….hope to see more of him.

  23. Danny is definitely on my “to do” list.
    I just love shopping for take out on Manhunt.Net
    Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Shaun Michaels | January 11, 2007 at 6:48 am | Reply

    Is it really a surprise He’s gay as he was so girly on Who’s The Boss? We all know stars have lotsa sex. I bet He’s sucked off loadsa guys behind the scenes. I sure would if I were him.

  25. I’ve bumped into him on the street and was surprised to run into a guy I thought was a hottie before recognizing who he was. He looks better in real life than in these pics. I just never considered I would see his asshole. Heh. Go figure.

  26. Child actors grow up to be soooo normal.

  27. DAMN! I would lick that spot and slide right on in. I will definetly be looking for new pics of him on ManHunt in the future 😛

  28. I really think these pics are the real thing. I have looked at photos of him on the IMDB especially the freckles on his face and these match his professional photos…I say good for him. He has needs just like the rest of us!

  29. thats hott

  30. OMG, he’s naked: Neil Patrick Harris

    After Who’s the Boss? star Danny Pintauro’s raunchy Manhunt photos yesterday, I thought I would continue in the former-child-star vein and post some nudes of recently-out-of-the-closet TV star Neil Patrick Harris. Currently starring in the sitcom How …

  31. Hmm…I’d take him for a ride..!

  32. raunchy!
    but for some reason i’m diggin.
    i’m horny now. hah!

  33. Shaun Michaels | January 9, 2007 at 5:25 am | Reply

    Not bad,but he needs a shave! I’d also like 2 see fotos without his hand covering his cock! I’d love 2 see his head & see if he really is 7″s! Whats his Manhunt rofile name?

  34. Danny’s photos look as if he’s in a drug induced state. He might be a good fuck.

  35. montreal loves you omg | January 8, 2007 at 9:11 pm | Reply

    wow i love this guy…should shower and shave but dammmm yummy.

  36. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Perhaps you’ve gone a bit too far this time. I just feel sad for this guy.

  37. No way that’s 7 inches. Trust me.

  38. I am so happy that he heels secure enough to put himself out there like that. Most celebs would never dream of doing something like this.

  39. Who’s the Power Bottom?

    Danny Pintauro, little Jonathan Bower on Who’s the Boss? is all grown up, gay, and looking for love. The surprisingly unabashed Canada.com reports that the now 30-year-old actor describes himself in a personal ad as someone who drinks alcohol…

  40. I wonder how many times Tony Danza has hit that.

  41. I think you might need to find a new category as I’m not quite feeling the “tastic” in “Smuttastic” this time.

    take note…….
    this looks like a guy that would be fun the meth with.
    just sayin……….
    jack e. jett
    no child left behind
    no drug left behind

  43. This was officially the biggest OMG I think I’ve seen you uncover. Now please, put the covers back on it.
    I feel really dirty.

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