!! OMG, he’s naked: Darryl Stephens !!

I finally got around to seeing an episode of Noah’s Arc on Logo after hearing so much buzz about it on the gay blogosphere. I was surprised to notice something about it that every article and blog post had failed to mention: it is shockingly and irredeemably bad. Like really bad. Bad script and bad acting, except for the “gay” part. Everyone in it is really good at being gay, just not at being people.
Despite all that, and despite a minor case of gayface, lead actor Darryl Stephens is still hot, and you can see his butt in a deleted scene on the recently-released DVD. I’ll save you the time of having to slog through the whole disaster of a season for a few seconds of butt. You can see the stills after the jump [NSFW].

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  1. jeez,that guy comes from beauty planet.if i were as cute as he was i will drop the medical college am in down here in nigeria and go for entertainment business.i think he is sexy

  2. I really like Darryl Stephens. He’s very attractive and in the “Instinct Magazine” on the front cover he was in a suit that made him look extremely sexy. I like men in suits and after looking at him I got hard pretty quick. Darryl Stephens is my inspiration to a certain extent, but I’m not sure why he doesn’t come out to the public. I guess I have to look more into that. If I wasn’t living with my mom right now (I’m 15, and she hates homosexuals) then I’d tell everyone that I’m gay every time they asked me.
    I don’t find Darryl Stephens very sexy in these pictures because he’s naked…lol. When he’s wearing his clothes I could look at him all day. I like how he has scarves on a lot in the film “Noah’s Arc.” Love the way he dressed. I remember seeing a picture of him in a sexy pink shirt. I also remember him wearing a see through shirt that showed his nipples (yes, i got horny). When I get older I’m going to hang a picture of Darryl Stephens on my wall (along with other handsome looking men that I find extremely sexy) that showed him wearing that sexy suit in the “instinct magazine.”

  3. OOOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Have you watched “Another Gay Movie”?
    He plays in that as well and has gay sex towards the end. It’s quite funny, and good looking. You should watch it.

  5. Just think how much bigger LOGO’s #1 show could be if we could actually stand to watch it. Bad acting and bad writing can’t be covered up by a few pretty faces (or butts) and a good overall message. If the gay factor were removed and the show were released on network TV, it would not be the #1 program on ABC – it may not have even survived the full season. The fact that it is #1 says nothing for its quality – it really speaks to its lack of competition, which is the really sad part. In supporting the show, however, we could prove that the audience is there and spur greater developments. Or it could also prove that, no matter how bad it is, if it’s gay gays will buy it. If there were just a way to support the show for what it is while deriding it for what it isn’t, but could be.

  6. Great pictures – We love your site!

  7. I too watched the entire first season in hopes that it would get better. But alas, it was not to be. The story line is ok, and there is a variety of guys from hot to ok (just as in real life) but guys, the acting is so bad. And, to add insult to injury, it does not even have the daring nudity of a Queer As Folk or even the L Word. At least give us some skin while we sit thru the bad acting.

  8. R.. J. Rayfield | August 20, 2006 at 4:03 pm | Reply

    People: Get lives. It’s television. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There are many of us out there who do like it. So, take your bigotry, your supidity, and your narrowmindedness on to the next blog.

  9. I picked up the series last night, and watched every episode into the wee hours of the morning. I found it to be absolutely halrious. Every episode left me wanting for more. I cannot believe it took me so long to see it. Noah, the drop dead gorgeous, naive, pretty boy, was magnificent. The anal retentive professor, who, literally, in fit of anger, drove a van into a house, truly keeping it real. The aids crusader, along with his muslce bound lover, brings so many I’ve encountered to mind. I’ve met a few Rickies in my life, most of them have passed on. And finally the character Trey. I have never been so taken, by a TV or movie character. Trey’s pursuit of Noah was so passioniate, that it left me excited. I even woke up early this morning, to watch it again, prior to leaving for the office. I want to thank the writers, directors and especially the cast. You guy’s did an excellent job. For all of the haters out there, that feel the series cast a bad reputation, of the black male….hey! Keep in mind. It’s TELEVISION!! and I LOVED IT. Looking for to the next season.

  10. They got sexy bodies.

  11. You can see much more of his ass in Another Gay Movie.

  12. Im sorry, but that show is jsut as described… HORRENDOUS.
    it gives gay black men a bad name. I swear. I cringed the first time I saw that show. I tried to give it a chance and it litterally gave me a headache, the scripts were so bad.
    Jeff Hobs: its not about what someone can or cant do for themselves, its about quality of product and im sorry kid… that show is seriously lacking quality.
    Whats with all the bad acting? is it on purpose (like the bad wardrobe)? And yeah, its about Gay black life in LA, but do they have to wear SCARVES (yes, scarves) and multiple silver rings (Im gay, the fashion sucks)?
    The lead actor, his ass is nice. THe writing/ acting, SUCKS BALLZ!!!
    you want people to say better things about the product? Make a better product.

  13. Yeah, I totally agree. Bad acting all around! But I think it is basically a fun show. So, oh well. 🙂

  14. Hey that wasn’t nice at all. Darryls a sweetheart and he doesn’t need you posting his ass all over the web. Your review of Noahs Arc is just wrong. Its a great show with a great cast, great storylines and great actors. Its an amazing feat for something that was a dream a few years ago. I love how critics can criticize something they have no balls to do themselves. Anyone can write a trashy blog but try and write, direct and produce your own tv series….then get a network deal to boot. Noahs Arc is LOGO’s #1 show for good reason. Its needed. Whether you’re gay straight black white whatever the show is entertaining and poses some great education content for the younger generation who unlike us had no role models growing up. Just once see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Your review should have been aligned with the Noahs Arc theme…REMEMBER LOVE!:) not shade!! Someones always trying to tear a brotha down. Why not build him up once in a while!:)
    Jeff Hobbs

  15. hmz…not my type, but guess many men will like him.
    personally like the new superman more 😛
    greetings from holland!


  16. I want you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. wow. i had the biggest crush on him in college. glad to know he is still gorgeois! 🙂

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