!! OMG, he’s naked: David Ginola !!

This one’s a twofer! Not only is David Ginola a British footballer, he’s also a sexy silver fox with a perfect ass. After the jump, you’ll see that ass plus some extra not safe for work surprises from Naked Britain, an important and groundbreaking three-part British series in which one “Dr. Jack Lewis travels the country to uncover the true British feeling towards nudity.”
(Screencaps via Casperfan)

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: David Ginola"

  1. If he’s lucky, “Jimmy”‘s gonna one day be one of those “Old Trolls” as he calls ’em, and he can only HOPE he looks as good as this Dude.BTW, age-phobic, bitchy queens are SO yesterday, Troll-in-Training…

  2. jimmy is a nut job. david g is one hot mofo.

  3. SO my type!!!!

  4. He’s French? No wonder he’s hot. He doesn’t look English at all.

  5. Take it easy, Jimmy. I’d rather look at pics of him than read your acidic, negative comments. That’s more of a waste of time.

  6. I am not sure why you would bother us with pics from some old troll. I will make my self clear I am not into porn. I do not mind a occasional picture of a good looking naked man but he is not worth you’re time.

  7. Sorry you’ve got some wonky logic going on there. Where he worked has no baring on anything. It is the nationality that is used not where they worked. If you did that you could go on for ever. Footballers work all over the world. Is David Beckham a British Footballer or a British Spanish American Italian Footballer?

  8. There is >>NOTHING

  9. Sorry– to clarify, he is French but played for British football teams. Thus making him more precisely a French British Footballer, I guess.

  10. Yo he’s French sweetie, French 🙂

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