!! OMG, :( :( :( :( :( !!

Well last night completely f*cking sucked.
The Bloomberg crap was obviously no surprise and his margin of victory was actually way smaller than I think most people expected, but still a win is a win. The Corzine thing wasn’t exactly unexpected either. But Maine! No! 🙁 🙁 🙁 !

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  1. If Obama had offered one ounce of support for gays in Maine, I’m sure it would have swayed enough voters to change the result in favor of marriage rights. He is unwilling to do anything of substance for gay rights. It’s pathetic that there is a grain of truth in the wingnuts gloating that Maine was Obama’s biggest win of the night.

  2. I’ve lived in Maine all my life and I was completely disappointed in last nights vote… it was a very close one and it looked like we might win early on, but it was not to be. Im left today a little embarassed, ashamed and outraged that we as a state could not have led the charge and been the first state to show the rest of the country that we wont implode by allowing same sex couples this right. For what its worth… Im sorry.

  3. imacboy, i agree that it’s sometimes hard to get worked up over gay marriage when i actually just think marriage in general is basically idiotic. (sorry married people!) however the fight is here, and whether or not it’s exactly the fight we would have chosen, it’s still depressing as fuck to see people actually voting to deny rights to gays.
    i also agree that it would be great if the supreme court just took care of everything but good luck with that anytime soon considering the majority combination of shitbags and pussies on the court right now. at any rate, i think at this point it’s important to win a popular vote somewhere. i believe most americans are ultimately sensible, fair and openminded. unfortunately the $hitbags seem to be running the $how at the moment.

  4. Personally, I am kinda over this gay marriage thing. I guess I never expected to be able to be married so it’s no biggie to me either way. Maybe I am the non-marrying type? Should it be allowed? Sure. Do I care? Not at all. In the end, this has just got to go to the Supreme Court to allow it and be done. Nobody should vote on rights, my god, blacks would be still housekeepers and riding the bus to Betty Drapers to work, lol. The Supreme Court needs to approve it and we can all get back to more important things.

  5. Maine was not the only story last night! Washington state voted to keep its “everything but marriage” protections for same-sex domestic partnerships. There is something to smile about after all, Bmad.

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