!! OMG, he’s naked: Dennis Storm !!

Dennis Storm is a Dutch reality show host who evidently likes to flash his butt and other parts to his grateful viewers. If only Survivor‘s Jeff Probst and The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan were this attractive and immodest. See the NSFW photos after the jump.

And finally:
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20 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Dennis Storm"

  1. I’m from the UK and un-circumcised. Not only do I find circumcision unattractive bt s a young teen any circumcised guys were made fun of for the fact.

  2. How the hell is being uncircumsized gross? Have you ever even left the US/Can? The VAST VAST VAST majority (meaning 100% and over) of un-America’s males aren’t circumsized. If anything, circumsized men’s bits are strange to the majority of the world.

  3. Yeah…nice but please! GET CIRCUMCISED! that’s gross…seriously!

  4. I come from Holland to. He’s into a programma TRY BEFORE YOU DIE, they do things they want before they die. Dennis dream was pictures in the playgirl. It looks very nice isn’t?
    Sorry for the bad English

  5. I’m not in to “boys”, more to men near my own age, but I’ve got to say that I would LOVE to lick this guy all over for hours, then spend the rest of the week rimming, sucking and riding him. I’d drain him so dry he wouldn’t know what had hapened to him. How HOT!

  6. hot body, ugly face xD

  7. What cute young hosts they have for reality show!

  8. not bad. it’d tap that.

  9. Yum. I’d totally hit that…
    ; )

  10. Well, he cannot really be compared with what Probst and Keoghan do. Only reality show he “hosts” is Try Before You Die where he is a “contestant” himself.
    A fellow contestant (Sander Lantinga) had to streak at Wimbledon last year. That episode can be seen online at: http://www.tvopjepc.nl/programma/369/10/0 (date 11-09-2006)
    The episode where Dennis poses for Playboy hasn’t been aired yet, but will appear on that page as well eventually.

  11. hmmm … i am not usually into bags of bones but this guy is slightly sexy… can I have some syrup to go with those pancakes ?

  12. this guy is a fucking bream boat…love the sexssi hair 🙂
    mmmm mmmm mmmm

  13. WHOA !!!!

  14. He’s kinda scrawny.


  16. Just as long as Drew Carey doesn’t try this….

  17. Someone needs to feed this boy. Not my cup of tea, but then again some guys like twinks.

  18. That’s one flat ass.

  19. He looks like street youth. Well, with a couple more teeth.
    I’m glad he still shows it off with his skinny, yet muscle-y frame.

  20. nice to see a boy who is not afraid to show it off! -pretty hot!

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