!! OMG, he’s naked in ‘Vogue’: Daniel Radcliffe !!

Perhaps in preparation for his fully nude scene in the upcoming film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (I didn’t realize there was any nude boyflesh in the book), actor Daniel Radcliffe has taken it all off and mounted a horse in the current issue of Vogue (shot by Annie Leibovitz).

You might remember a similar shoot in Out Magazine last year starring omg-favorite model Chad White that was inspired by Radcliffe’s nude performance in the London production of Equus, just to bring it full circle. Vogue magazine copying Out magazine? This can’t be a first.
See the somewhat NSFW photos after the jump.

Daniel Radcliffe in Vogue:
(Thanks to CB for the image!)
vs. Chad White in Out:

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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked in ‘Vogue’: Daniel Radcliffe"

  1. In the Deathly Hallows, after Voldemort murders him, Harry awakes completely naked before his conversation with Dumbledore.
    I didn’t realize they were planning on actually having him naked for the scene (have they kept any part of the movies the same as the books?), and I highly doubt they’ll actually show anything we haven’t already seen.

  2. While the articles won’t say, don’t we already have a pretty good idea that the “nudity” being used to hype the latest Potter is going to be ass only, or is that arse. You know, the same con OMG uses regularly. It would be great if they would show more, but no way in Hell they’re showing _that_ magic wand. If they were so bold, they wouldn’t have pushed back the movie to keep it from coming out during the Equus run in America.

  3. Check these out from the London production of Equus.

  4. I wanted to see more too 🙁

  5. Yes, the shot is a promo for Equus, however if you go to the link you will see he talks about the scene in Harry Potter.

  6. that photo is horrible!
    he looks like a fetus

  7. Paul is right. This is for Equus, not for Harry Potter.

  8. God I’ll ride Chad White anyday!

  9. That maybe a promo shot for the upcoming Equus on Broadway. That photo doesn’t seem to tie in with Harry Potter or he would have his “wand” in his hand. ;-p

  10. God, that trail.

  11. Dammit! I was hoping to see more… ;-(

  12. I hope so VV. I’m not normally interested in people that young but…well…yummy!

  13. he’s old enough now that I can say he’s kinda yummy without it being a felony, right?

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