!! OMG gossip: Where Michael Phelps finds his energy !!

Nothing gives Michael Phelps strength to win Olympic Gold like a big a bowl of Frosted Flakes [dlisted]
Shia LeBeouf takes his shirt off and walks around! [ethan says]
Rachael Ray finally markets her signature slop to the right audience: dogs [celebrity dog watcher]
Move over Clay Aiken, there’s a new gay dad in town: Ricky Martin [jossip]
Canadian model boot camp! [bunny bisous]
Mr. Gay Brazil can throw a mean javelin [made in brazil]
Jennifer Garner’s life is hydrogen powered [dana’s dirt]
Do you remember Teri Hatcher appearing on Star Trek? I didn’t either [puntabulous]
Jessica Simpson is shilling beer [bwe]
Comme des Garcons is doing a collection for H&M. Finally some of that signature polyester will be affordable! [produzentin]
Even when Orlando Bloom tries to be all butch and ride a motorcycle, I can only see Legolas [pop sugar]
Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together and romancing Canadian style [lainey gossip]

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3 Comments on "OMG gossip: Where Michael Phelps finds his energy"

  1. Shia is ugly. STFU

  2. The Shia pics are nice, but I almost missed em with them being just one bullet in a long list of items that had nothing to do with Phelps.
    Two things about Shia. Why is it he is so non-sexy in movies, but so hot in candid shots? Maybe he’s dressed/styled that dorky in movies, or make-up or some’n. Dunno. Also, is the Popeye squint in the photos due to bright Sun, or is he trying to ruin the photos (if so didn’t work).

  3. Mr. T Wants His Gold Back (from Michael Phelps)

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