!! OMG, He’s naked: Jamie Kennedy !!

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I have been waiting to see Jamie Kennedy’s private parts for years! Just kidding! Wait, who’s Jamie Kennedy again?
Jamie Kennedy is one of those celebrities who has been around absolutely forever and still you’re like Jamie WHO? Is he related to Kennedy from MTV? (Answer: Doubtful!)
Well whoever he is (I guess he was in the Scream movies!) he’s kindly gotten completely nude in the film Finding Bliss, which must be really good cause it was only released in Australia. See everything he has to offer us after the jump. Note: despite the name, he does not seem to suffer from the Curse of the Irish!
NSFW of course!

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Wait, who invited Kim Zolciak?!

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19 Comments on "OMG, He’s naked: Jamie Kennedy"

  1. He is also the dating co-star Jennifer Love Hewitt and they are both in Ghost Whisperer..

  2. Hahaha! I’m afraid that the Irish aren’t known for their small cocks, anything but! I’m from Ireland, and obviously, like anywhere else, I’m sure that some men are more unfortunate than others! But the curse of the Irish is a joke about too much alcohol!

  3. yum! who knew jamie kennedy could look so hot?
    his cock looks delish!!
    mmmm. lol!!

  4. Yeah, the Irish curse being small cocked is BS. Somehow I’ve never heard of an Asian curse, or Native-American curse, or Indian curse. I’ve seen a lot more big ones in Irish pants than Asian pants without even taking the incredible disparity in their populations. Anyone ever heard of Forrest Tucker or Liam Neeson? Hey, what about that really well-hung Chinese guy? Me neither!

  5. Sorry guys, but most of you have it wrong. Curse of the Irish is the inability to keep an erection because you are too drunk. It does NOT mean small dick. I’ve had 2 Irish boyfriends in the past and both had plenty of prick, but had a difficulty maintaining their hard-on because they were always getting drunk. I know it´s a generalization and stereotype that is not true of all Irish men, but for the ones I knew, it certainly fit.
    However, the person who said they have no ass… are you freakin’ kidding me? Have you ever been to Dublin? I was visiting there this past year and I have never seen so many bubble butts and filled out Levis in my life. We were walking down the street and I asked my husband if he noticed anything. He said, “You mean the amazing asses?”. And I said yes, just about every guy I saw (big or small) looked like you could bounce a quarter off their cheeks. No lie. Check them out if you ever visit there.

  6. I Always thought Jamie Kennedy was hot in a sexy way. Usually, from my experience average looking guys have the biggest dicks. Pretty boys seem to have average or smaller dicks. So my thoughts about him probably having a big dick were right. I have looked for pictures of him nude.

  7. Yea, even soft he looks bigger than my Irish boyfriend. You either got it…or you don’t.

  8. Mrs Patrick Campbell | February 4, 2010 at 11:59 am | Reply

    Jamie is a homosexual!

  9. Either way the curse goes, I think I may be Black Irish.

  10. I’d let him hit. I find a guy with a sense of humor very attractive… and the PEEN isn’t bad either. LOL

  11. the Irish Curse is the inability to maintain an erection due to excessive consumption of alcohol

  12. Good dick. He’s still an unfuckable douche.

  13. Irish Curse = All Potatoes…NO MEAT!!!

  14. The Curse of the irish is not being able to get it up because your pissed outta your brains. Not the size of your schlong. Us irish are hung mothafoes!

  15. Curse of the Irish means small dick and no ass.

  16. I too am curious about this curse. Since I’m irish, should I be worried?

  17. Sexy! Nice ‘equipment’…But, I’m not sure what exactly the ‘curse of the Irish’ is?

  18. Now I know what Jennifer Love Hewitt sees in him… yowza!

  19. Nice thick headed cock

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