!! OMG, Lindsay Lohan’s tragic shoe addiction !!

Rich person problems: Lindsay Lohan’s excess shoes are tearing her world apart!
(Can someone tell me when Niecey Nash from Reno 911 became a journalist?)

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4 Comments on "OMG, Lindsay Lohan’s tragic shoe addiction"

  1. She is totally a secret cat lady. Photo evidence here: http://bit.ly/dqrxko
    And yes, Niecy is awesome. Love her!

  2. OMG! (you like how I worked that in there?) Niecey IS indeed awesome. She had/has a show called “Clean House” where she and a three-person crew of decorator/organizer/handyman went to crazy cluttered houses and fixed ’em up. Niecey would always handle the “what the hell is wrong with you?!” part of it, which sometimes got hella serious, kinda like this. She’s missing the signature flower in here hair though… Also, as if we fags didn’t already love a sassy black lady, the decorator was a dude named Mark (I think) with hot euro glasses and a soul patch… check it out!

  3. I agree that niecey is the best, beau. I was honestly just curious; I had no idea!

  4. niecey is awesome. not only is she hilarious on reno 911, she’s also got a show on hgtv (i think). so if lindsay consents, who cares?

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