!! OMG, He’s Naked: Jesus Luz !!

Heeeyyyy, so Dlisted found an outtake from Madonna’s W Magazine photoshoot from a few months ago, and what do you know!? In this one you can get a glimpse of boytoy Jesus Luz’s thing, which of course is as smooth as the baby Jesus’s bare behind. (I swear to God, does any straight man have pubes anymore?)
Check out the pics after the jump… just cover the part of the screen where Madonna appears, cause the sight of her bonerkilling glare is enough to make your penis invert itself! NSFW! Thanks to de Cosmos for the tip.


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31 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Jesus Luz"

  1. the penis is hot!
    madonna is scary!LOL

  2. That is one ugly penis …
    No wonder W didnt use the shot.

  3. The Brazillian men I’ve been with were all uncircumcised. Only a small percentage are cut or just have a short foreskin. Jesus appears to have a bare head or was instructed to retract it for the picture. Maybe Madonna is a material girl and had him circumcised? Any one know what his real status is?

  4. All the Brazillian guys I’ve been with were all uncircumcised. Jesus appears to be cut in the photo. Can any one confirm his status. I’d hate for him to be incomplete.

  5. Someone (who is a huge fan of Madonna) that she only dates very well endowed men (8″ plus). Now unless Jesus is a grower…..cuz he sure ain’t a shower. hahahaha….Who really cares about Jesus’ endowment, lack there of, or if it is him or not……Anyway….I have a boner for her ex husband Guy Ritchie – so why….oh why, would anyone ever leave a mean like Guy….he is fucking adorable, hot, sexy, is all man, looks great in jeans, a kilt, or a tux. I can only fantasize what Guy is like naked.

  6. Yeah, where did madonnas neck go?! And what’s with the nun outfit? Still love her haha

  7. My reasoning why I don’t think it is a fake (I posted this elsewhere, but thought I would add it here)…
    (1) W magazine is known for nudes, therefore, it is highly possible Jesus was nude and the photographer was just snapping away (even though the pic was not used in the issue).
    (2) There are other pics of Madonna in the same outfit from the shoot, but not that particular pose or ‘face’. Some, have stated that her face was photoshopped on. I suspect airbrushing, but not a cut and paste job. Someone stated elsewhere her shoulders were too high…think about why her shoulders would be up higher (like she is leaning on something with her hands).
    (3) Mention of him in other pics (later photoshoots) having a ‘bush’ down below, but not here. If you look at those and compare, he also had a treasure trail. Another pic, from the same photoshoot, you can see no treasure trail, so it is highly likely he was shaved for this one.
    (4) A mention on another board about the background being different. The only difference is the angle of the shot. In the pic used in the magazine, you can see flowers, but in the nude picture, you can’t because the blinds/Madonna’s head block it due to the angle of the shot.
    (5) His head was cut off…Who was the focus on in the photoshoot, Madonna or Jesus? Jesus was just a background model. If Madonna, afterwards didn’t start taking a liking for him (having him as an escort), this would be a non-issue.
    (6) Fakes usually enhance an endowment, this doesn’t. It looks natural after coming out of a cold pool. Note the inclement appearing weather in the background, so it may have been a bit chilly.
    (7) If you blow the picture up, you will see that there is no reflection of the so-called towel. I see two legs coming up toward a natural point, and the railing from the pool, no towel reflection.
    It’s easy to claim a fake, but don’t see it here. I have been fooled before, so if there is proof that this is not real, let us have it in pictures. If it is, I will happily concede and add it to my portfolio of fakes, but I need picture/source proof.

  8. you know how you can tell its reall…..look at those veiny arms! her face was not photoshopped in this pic at all.

  9. I Think She Is Beautiful.

  10. Sometimes I think the gay community has a lot going for itself. Then I come here and read all the reasons why the world thinks we’re all pretentious queens. No wonder we’re treated like second-class citizens. How about you guys get some class so the rest of us can stop being judged by the likes of you.
    That, by the way, is aimed at: JP, matt, Stephen and all the other fags like them.

  11. it looks like you can see a towel in the reflection in the marble floor.

  12. Man, that is a very unflattering picture of Madonna!

  13. Hella hawt! Just inspired me to make it to the gm today.

  14. omg!! madonna’s old!!

  15. @ Carlos
    Maybe he doesn’t shave now, but if you look at the picture of him with the towel, which we know is real, since it was in the magazine, he has no “treasure trail”, so it appears, at least for this photo shoot he was shaven.

  16. That nudity IS FAKE. Plus, from recent pics the guy is not a shaver… http://images.huffingtonpost.com/gen/132921/JESUS-LUZ.jpg

  17. @ Stephen
    What planet are you from seriously? What an ignorant statement to make, we’ll see if you are making it still in a few years time when YOU are one of the “old” people, grow up.

  18. Jeez folks, he just got out of the pool and or sprayed, and looking in the background, the weather seems to be inclement (cold?). Although not certain, I believe it to be real. I don’t suddenly jump to the conclusion that it’s fake. His head is chopped off because the photog is focusing on Madonna, not Jesus. The background is the same, just a different angle. W Magazine is known for nude male pics. If you look into the reflection a bit better, you will see both legs, no towel. His endowment looks about the normal size of someone who just got out of a pool. If you see the W Magazine photos used, you will see that Madonna’s face is not pasted on, and that is the outfit she was wearing. Too many things point to it being real.

  19. Madonna has been a worn out hag for about 15 years. She hasn’t done anything good since ‘Like a Prayer’ and even that kinda sucked.
    She has used the gay community for years to perpetuate her own brand and cash in.
    Don’t be fooled by this untalented vile mess.

  20. This is SO incredibly fake. Jesus wee wee & Madonna’s face is even photoshopped into the “back of her head”. C’mon…are you serious. And oh….Madonna isnt a hag u fag!

  21. OMG..Madonna is old!!!! That is so not cool. She and the rest of the old people should just go away. This world is for the young and fab, we should not have to look at them!!!

  22. Hopefully he’s a grower not a shower.

  23. the shots are the same. take a longer, closer look.

  24. UGH, she looks like such a hag. Can we please be over Madonna? I was over her mid 1990’s, can’t the rest of you be as cool as me?

  25. I’m trying to figure out which is more shriveled: Madonna’s face or Jesus’ weiner.

  26. Photoshop Detective | January 22, 2010 at 4:27 pm | Reply

    This picture is definitely FAKE. If you look in the reflection on the ground, you can clearly see a white towel covering his bits, just as in the “main” photo above. FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  27. I miss pubic hair. So much that I think I might even get the phrase “I miss pubic hair” tattooed on my totally bald pubis.

  28. Its so tiny!

  29. HA!
    The background is different in the “naked” shot!

  30. I Call B.S!
    You cant see his face, It would be an easy photoshop job..But we can dream cant we?!

  31. I’m wrong again on two counts because I figured that he would be uncut and that Madge would have tied one of those red Kabbalah strings on his dick.

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