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  1. I’ve been searching for a good naked picture of John Barrowman. If anyone has a full frontal of him, plz send it to me. Thanx shyene [email protected]

  2. hot guy boy i would like to be in his bed and him and i could have alot of fun

  3. What do you mean “Game Station”?
    The episode of “Dr. Who” that I referred to was called “Bad Wolf”.
    I have the DVD of season 1 of “Dr. Who” and the scene in the episode titled “Bad Wolf” has the nudity completely censored out. Is the episode called “Bad Wolf” also known as “Game Station”?
    And lastly to Frank: Could you find and post uncensored pics from the “Bad Wolf” episode from season 1 of “Dr. Who”

  4. In regards to John Barrowman’s nude scene in Dr. Who (Game Station). He explains in his autobiography that it was edited when filmed so that his backside was slightly blurry because Dr. Who is considered a family show and nudity is not allowed during family programming.
    The DVD contains the original scene as filmed.

  5. in that episode they all show an *ALMOST* complete full frontal. darn that well placed text!

  6. Could someone please post the UNCENSORED PICS from the episode titled “Bad Wolf” from season 1 of “Dr. Who”? The DVD that is on the market only shows the CENSORED version and I think BBC AMERICA edits out nudity. Thanks.

  7. I love that he is very handsome and that his body is not overly muscular.

  8. IIRC there should be another shot of his rear on Season 1 of the new Dr. Who. Think it was second to last episode of the season.

  9. Funnily enough, in the last issue of Gay Times John Barrowmand was discussing this very scene (“they painted out my nuts”) and that as soon as you do a nude scene on TV it’s on the net. And here it is!

  10. I volunteer to help clean him off. YUMMY TUSH!!!

  11. Not sure which I LOVE more, him or Torchwood, pretty close call for me, GREAT actor and singer.

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