!! OMG, he’s naked: Kevin Zegers !!

Kevin Zegers first came to the national gay attention in the film Transamerica with Felicity Huffman. He played the part of the brooding teenage son a little too well, and also flashed us a quick look at his goods. A perfect debut!
And now he’s romancing an older lady in the film Normal, and his butt gets a good amount of screen time. Check it out in the NSFW caps and clip after the jump.

Click to enlarge. Download video clip here.
And don’t forget that great skinny-dipping scene in Transamerica:
(Image and Video Source)

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17 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Kevin Zegers"

  1. He has a very small penis.

  2. i love adrian avenido | January 15, 2011 at 7:11 am | Reply

    He is so Hot!!!! Id love to have sex with him.
    Yummy cock also… Can I have your number??

  3. ……..kevin is so hot!!!!
    …….is his penis big?huh?

  4. Need to see more pics of kevin the hottie 🙂
    loooooove you and i wish i could have sex with
    you 🙁

  5. oh gash he is too sexy.i love him he is lovely boy.but i never just think that he do this.

  6. hes soooo cute and hes soo hot!!! hes the hottest man u could ever see… i think im in love with him!!!!, wait, iam

  7. he is superhot…I love Transamerica..I’d love to be loved by him.

  8. He’s growing up nicely though. Cute kid.

  9. He is so hot…it’s a shame he’s such a jerk though

  10. such a cute little butt.

  11. I’ll never look at Air Bud the same way again.

  12. He is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nice butt, what a cutie

  14. can you get the pics of Gilles Marini from the new Sex and the city movie. (kims guy next door)

  15. What a beautiful young man…so refreshing. Wonderful assets both frontal and most especially that perfect ass. Thanks for sharing!!!

  16. he is absolutely perfect i love him cant even believe this is the kid from air bud!!!

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