!! OMG, he’s naked: Kickboxer Moise Santamaria !!

Moise Santamaria is more than just a bad-ass kickboxer and very flexible human. He has something hidden in those kickboxing shorts, that you’ll have to check after the jump to discover [NSFW]. You might recognize Mr. Santamaria from one of the past Dieux Du Stade calendars. I’m not sure if he actually used to play rugby or if he was brought in as a ringer. In fact, I’m done thinking about it. Who cares?

UPDATE: We have removed these images at the request of Mr. Santamaria.

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22 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Kickboxer Moise Santamaria"

  1. there is nothing better than a sexy spicy huge uncut cock!!!!! i’d fluff him anyday!!!

  2. Shaun Michaels | June 11, 2007 at 8:18 am | Reply

    Just another big ugly uncut cock that looks like a wrinkly,smelly sausage! How anybody can find the dicks appealing is beyond me. Wheres the head of their dicks at? Imagine the smell! Yucky!!!

  3. Now that’s a beautiful fuck tool!!! More please!

  4. Sure the dude has a semi hanging. Now whether or not he had a fluffer or used his own hand might be debatable.

  5. I bet he could gut bu5t any per5on he ram5 hi5 big thick fat juicy ta5ty lu5ciou5 bazooka joe na5ty raunchy cock into
    … At lea5t that5 my opinion

  6. Holy Shit! I have never felt compelled to post a comment until these pics. Regardless if he is semi or not hes packing at least 8.5-9+ inches.

  7. OMG .. just…OMG …I agree with the above … perhaps boxers are about to become my favorite athletes …well, at least this one anyway!!!!

  8. LOL! “Click To Enlarge”. I Wish.
    Very Hot!!

  9. You can get your foreskin back. Research it on the Internet.

  10. Semi or no semi… holy bazooka!

  11. This is by far the best looking cock you,ve shown in your omg naked series.Just hot.

  12. omg is he ever hung!!!! and he is extremely hot!!!

  13. uncomfortable at work | December 6, 2006 at 6:21 pm | Reply

    …and I have a semi too!

  14. Wow. Now, that’s a man!
    It’s also nice to see natural (i.e., uncut) men. Like most Americans, my foreskin was removed – and what I would do to get it back!! A docking session with this hottie would be something to remember!

  15. You mean a semi-truck? LOL
    Yeah, he’s been fluffed.

  16. boxing is my new fav sport.
    jack jett

  17. OMG!!! Thank you!!!
    B-E-A-U-tifull.. Yummy!

  18. OMG… real nice but, definitely a semi Kevin, right…

  19. He’s totally got a semi…

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