!! OMG, He’s Naked: Kohl Sudduth !!

So maybe you’ve heard of this play called TAKE ME OUT? It’s supposedly about baseball but actually it’s just an excuse for actors to get nude and swing their bats around. So basically it’s the perfect play. After the jump see Kohl Sudduth– who once played Samantha’s chef boyfriend on Sex and the City– getting thespionic in one of the show’s onstage shower scenes. I think you will be impressed by his actorly talents. (NSFW)

I am going to refrain from making any creaky jokes about baseball, ball-boys, foul balls, etc. HOME RUN, though, right?

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20 Comments on "OMG, He’s Naked: Kohl Sudduth"

  1. Yeah, I was part of the cast of Take Me Out. Those were fun times.
    There are pics of the whole cast.

  2. What a gorgeous example of manhood!

  3. de-fucking-lish!
    t-bag me tonight! lol
    by far one of the hottest guys on here lately!

  4. sooo lovely.

  5. Wow, what a nice set of balls on this guy! 🙂

  6. eternalcanadian | September 16, 2009 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    i can’t tell if he’s uncut. anyone know?
    i agree with the others about the large testicles. i haven’t forgotten the grapefruit daniel had.
    in anycase, quite nice to see zero manscaping on Kohl . i’m starting to get tired of bald men. 😉

  7. My Gawd!! He must have to be careful not to sit on those lovelies. Ooooh yeah.

  8. Ditto Watchman!!! I was there too & it was HUGE. The play was amazing..more nude dudes than at a gay bar on sat. nite. Yes when they were all out there in the showers it was hard (hehe) to decide who to focus on. But this guy was the hottest!! You failed to explain that they were facing the AUDIENCE while nude & soapy…ah the memories.

  9. The guy who played ‘Steve’, Miranda’s bartender/boyfriend/husband also appeared nude in this show. He looked awesome too, I saw it twice.
    Kohl was also in the short lived but awesome CW comedy/parody series ‘Grosse Pointe’. I recommend it.

  10. BTW, is he gay?

  11. So very hot!!! How sexy he is!

  12. Also saw the play–Frederick Weller (now known for TV’s In Plain Sight) is also equally blessed with low ones. Oh, and it was an excellent play, too.

  13. Leave the poor guy alone – to be punished with a first name that means “cabbage” is enough

  14. I saw this on stage in New York….the pictures don’t do him justice. The man is HUGE.
    The play does has real time shower scenes, and at one point there are maybe 8 guys all on stage soaping up. Two of the guys kept popping semis when they were washing their crotches.
    Hmmmm…It was my favorite play in 2002.

  15. What is the deal with these stage actors and their huge balls? Remember the real pics of Daniel Ratcliffe, HUGE balls. Interesting.

  16. Those fucked up right wingers have given tea bagging such a bad rap.
    This guy could tea bag me until I became unconcious.
    I’m a lover of low hangers. It is the best thing about getting older.

  17. Impressive. Especially those low-hangers.

  18. Love his low-hang nut sack! Perfect to tea-bag me!

  19. Score! Out of the park.

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