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  1. Alifie is cut. Good old Ramsey chopped it off so he is CUT snip snip

  2. It’s strange this circumcision issue. It’s since the Americans started to make it the norm. But what they ignore is that all there Wild West heroes, Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp, Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett Custer etc, would all have been uncircumcised so too all there Movie Stars like Gable Stewart, Cooper (unless they were Jewish) their presidents Washington Roosevelt, etc. The circumcision thing started for some reason and Americans decided anything uncut was “wrong” stupid really, How can something that has had a piece chopped off and left a scar, and reduced sensitivity in an organ that you would want to be very sensitive be seen as preferable to the full glory of a cock that can have it’s foreskin rolled back-which helps with masturbation and intercourse. The hygiene questions are ridiculous, you WASH it you morons, just like feet, armpits and butts, but then again perhaps the idiots don’t!

  3. @Shannon: where do all of these bitter circumcised guys come from??? This is what penises look like. It’s ok. A dick is a dick. Get a life and stop hating so much. Think positive. I’m sure even yours isn’t that bad.


  5. Hooooooot. Nice. Very nice to see an unshaved celeb for once!

  6. uauuuuuuuuuu
    this is really big and handsome guy…I’m lovelly

  7. Nice! The corruptibility of it all…

  8. uncut&proud(uk) | February 24, 2008 at 3:18 pm | Reply

    hey shaun michaels pictures of daniel radcliff cant be shown online cause he was too young to be seen naked, and alfie allen isnt, and he has a lovely cock by the way, envy doesnt get u anywhere, and especially ur butchered foreskin back ha ha ha!!!

  9. “What an ugly cock! Its all foreskin.”
    good, that leaves 20% of the world to you and 80% to me. I’m cut (aka “unnatural) and I’ve experience both and prefer the natural one. I haven’t notice a cleanliness difference but I don’t hang out in alleys.

  10. Hey Shaun, Some of us Brits like our cocks untouched by scalpels……and we know how to clean them too!

  11. Shaun Michaels | February 7, 2008 at 7:53 am | Reply

    What an ugly cock! Its all foreskin. Get it clipped n clean it up! Vile,like him. Why are we easily seein lotsa pics of his when Ive still yet 2 see a real one of Daniels? Even tho I saw the play,with binoculars & most def liked what I saw!Im so sick of seein these ugly uncut british cocks. Get out the cheese grater!

  12. Woot! Thanks so much for the recognition =). Yeah, Alfie may not be the most attractive, facially, BUT his body is kind of appealing to me and his cock is pretty nice as well. Certainly a lot more appetizing than I could’ve imagined.
    Oh, and here’s a funny tidbit: The girl acting opposite him now is Daniel’s ex! I believe her name is Laura O’Toole. I find that a bit amusing, too.
    Now, I heard there were snapshots of Danny, but dunno where they are. Fortunately, he’ll be in Equus in NYC soon, so I’m gonna see what I can do ^_~.

  13. Guys, this is the real thing. I’ve seen the play with Alfie in it and that’s definitely his cock. He’s also more handsome in the flesh than these photo’s do his justice, in a slightly chav sort of way.

  14. i shouldnt post it here, anyway i just found a site in which i saw the vidoes of aka st. saint john, well dont know if its him but i bet its him, heres the site if u allow me to write it or u can delete my comment, http://www.tuporno.tv and search st.john surely it will appear.. well thats all…

  15. to me its a nice piece worth looking at

  16. ahhh… in a magazine he said he had a “huge fat willy” not what i was hoping for… but still good (Y)

  17. never seen a good one of daniel..

  18. James McDonald | February 6, 2008 at 4:57 pm | Reply

    Merci! Very nice, revealing and clear photos from the production of EQUUS. I do not find these photos offensive at all. The very dramatic, psychological play should traditionally have the nudity in it and that is what some of the play is about. The nudity is rightfully done in this production as it was in the 1977 film. Alfie has nothing to be ashamed of at all. Bravo for his bravery.

  19. Harry Potter was hotter, but Alfie is an eyeful.

  20. At least it’s a nicer body than Harry Potter. But with the weird angle the face almost looked like it’s photoshopped on.

  21. There was supposed to be an “attachment” for Radcliffe, do we think there is one here? From front, I’d say no, from the side, I’d say yes.

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