!! OMG, he’s naked: Lou Diamond Phillips !!

Lou Diamond Phillips shows el pene in them 2006 film El Cortez. He also gets jocky in another film. Check out all the NSFW screen caps after the jump!

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9 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Lou Diamond Phillips"

  1. I thought he was going to be small, but he turned out to be a huge surprise!

  2. He was so hot on “I’m a celebrity…” And he seems to have a good personality too.

  3. Thats quite a surprise!

  4. id let this hit me any time of the day uff…

  5. WoW this was honesty a surprise, I thought he had a small peepee but hey I’m pleasantly surprised.

  6. God he is a babe. He aged very VERY nicely. I’d like to hump him for days!

  7. Not a great angle or view… but I’d still work him over! I think he’s a total hottie. His pecs looked GREAT in the episode of Psych he was in…

  8. Decent, like to see it up and fighting.Foreskin anyone??? Not sure.

  9. I wonder if Sanjaya got to see this up close.

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